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Thread: 4th of july

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    4th of july

    happy 4th to all you americans out there and to all you non-americans if you care
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    Happy 4th!!!

    Soz about not saying yesterday, forgot! soz.
    But anyways, hope ya had a good 4th

    (from U.K anyways so i care )

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    Just came back from the fireworks and happy 4th of July (14 minutes left) to everybody!
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    It's past the 4th now, but happy Independence Day to y'all Americans, I hope y'all had fun today. I know I had fun spending the day relaxing on a dock drinking a couple beers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by megotmea7
    happy 4th to all you americans out there and to all you non-americans if you care
    yay fireworks
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