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I just came upon this great adventure, gotten too rare nowadays, so here goes the press release about it. At the bottom, find the link to my Imagestation album where I uploaded all the original un-edited media pictures.
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Land Rover North America Certified Pre-Owned Hosts Official Send-Off for Nine-Month, 32,000-mile LONGITUDE Expedition
IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 3, 2003 Ė Loading into their four, 2003 certified pre-owned Land Rover Discovery vehicles, the nine-person LONGITUDE Expedition team set out today from Land Rover North Americaís Irvine headquarters on a nine-month 32,000-mile journey to combat Parkinsonís Disease.
The not-for-profit exploration group, Drive Around the World, is undertaking the unprecedented trek, scheduled to take the team through 34 countries in as many weeks, in vehicles provided by Land Rover Certified Pre-Owned (CPO). The aim of the Expedition is to raise funds for Parkinson's disease research while promoting geography awareness and scientific research projects among school children.
For LONGITUDE Expedition member Nancy Olson, the global journey is more than simply a test of endurance and personal fortitude. A former US Marine Corp officer and competitor in the inaugural Land Rover G4 Challenge conducted earlier this year, Ms. Olson noted, "Having dealt with the effects of my grandfatherís fight against Parkinsonís for 15 years, this trek allows me the chance to educate others about this debilitating disease and raise money necessary for seeking a cure."
After departing Irvine, the expedition team heads to the southern-most tip of South America - - Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego. From there, the vehicles will be shipped to Perth, Australia where the team will drive across the 900-mile "gun barrel" highway, before traveling to the Indonesian island of Flores and a northbound leg through Asia and Siberia.
Island hopping across Asia, the team will depart from Singapore and drive up the Thai peninsula heading for India. From India, the expedition will drive the highest road in the world Ė at 19,000 feet -- and cross the Himalayas in Tibet, before they cover the deserts of China and Kazakhstan and move into Russia and eastern Siberia. Finally, the expedition ships to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska for a home stretch drive down the Dalton and Alcan highways, back to San Francisco.
"As a company dedicated to providing individuals with the ultimate driving adventure, LONGITUDE represents the latest effort in our 55-year history of sponsoring educational, conservational and philanthropic expeditions," said Pat Ward, National Remarketing Manager, Land Rover North America. "With nine months of nearly constant on and off-road use ahead, the LONGITUDE Expedition will be the ultimate test for our vehicles and I am confident that they will return as if they had simply traveled to the corner store."
The standard Discoverys have been fitted with a heavy-duty roof rack that will carry extra fuel, water and serve as homes thanks to the pop-up tent sleeping accommodations that will house the team for nearly the entire journey. The vehicles' sophisticated four-wheel-drive system and Land Rover's patented Hill Descent Control (HDC) system will provide the off-road capability and control necessary for an exploratory venture such as this. In addition, Discovery's standard 4.6 L V8 engine will ensure there's plenty of power and torque for any situation the team may encounter.
During the course of the nine-month expedition, five pre-selected pairs of teachers in the U.S. will use an additional vehicle to visit schools and local events in an effort to promote the free, online educational website at www.drivearoundtheworld.com. By accessing the site, students can connect with the expedition team as they make their way around the world. The locations to be visited include United Nations Worldwide Heritage Sites and the Royal Geographical Society Worldwide Register of Field Research Centers, as well as several Parkinsonís research centers, museums, schools, farms and local families.
Participants in this yearís LONGITUDE Expedition were selected from dozens of applicants. Those chosen include Adam Burgess, 31, a native of the UK; Neil Dana, of Moss Beach, Calif.; Justin Mounts, 29, of San Jose, Calif. and Ms. Olson, 30, of Arlington, VA. They join Drive Around the World directors Nick and Chanda Baggarly of Los Gatos, Calif.; Colin McAuliffe, of New Paltz, NY; Todd Borgie, a Berkeley, Calif. resident and travel author Rolf Potts, of Wichita, KS, who currently resides in Thailand.
Commenting on behalf of the expedition team, Nick Baggarly stated, "With the addition of Land Rover CPO as an official sponsor and their help in broadening our educational program, we believe the LONGITUDE Expedition will far surpass our goals of promoting cross-border understanding and goodwill among students while raising awareness and funds for Parkinsonís disease."
For information about Drive Around the World Ė LONGITUDE Expedition and Land Rover Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, see www.drivearoundtheworld.com and http://www.landroverusa.com/certified

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