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Thread: SRT-4 vs. Mustang GT

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    SRT-4 vs. Mustang GT

    Stock for stock, quarter mile wise they are pretty much dead even.

    What do you think would win around an average track?

    Which one would you rather modify?

    Which one do you prefer to own?
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    I believe stock for stock, the SRT-4 would beat a Mustang GT around an average track with an average driver. With a professional, the Mustang might win due to the RWD.

    The Mustang to modify, just a prefernce. To get a 12 second car I do believe the SRT-4 would cheaper to get to 12. For a 10 second car I believe the Mustang has it.

    I would own the Mustang, because well, the SRT-4 is a Neon, and again its just a prefernce. I prefer RWD over FWD any day, and that is the biggest selling poing for me to get a Mustang over a SRT-4.

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    The SRT-4 would probably take it on a track. The GT 'Stang is still pretty tame and not really geared to all out performance... I'd rather modify the Mustang, much more potential (and probably cheaper) in the engine. If I wasn't going to modify it, I'd like to own the SRT-4, but if I wanted to drop a ton of money into the car, I'd take the 'Stang.

    Preference right now? SRT-4.

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    on the track, the srt-4 would take all, its lighter and more nimble then the mustang. But I would perfer the Mustang GT, because its cheaper to modify and will produce more power in the end.

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    Halifax, Canada

    i'm not a Mustang fan




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    HMM.... you can have a turbo american ricer or a hearty V8. that one is a no-brainer... MUSTANG. But i would wait for the new body style.

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    My money is on the 'stang

    They are fairly cheap to modify and you can beat the piss outta them all day long, i'm not sure the neon would hold up the same way.

    I had a '94 Mustang with a few mods including GT40 heads and a vortec supercharger, tho I never took it to a circuit track I ran it at the drags with a best E.T. of 11.2 @ 122mph, I've had it run up to 220kph and drove it daily in traffic without a problem ... I also put highway miles on it where i slip it into 5th and pull about 20mpg.

    Good all 'round performance

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    Mustang, of course.

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    I registered just so I can let you guys how my race with an SRT-4 went down. But before... I was actaully in the delima of which car to buy. Well I had too many bad experiences not with the product of Dodge, but with the salesmen. Woodstock Dodge, and Marietta Dodge in Georgia. So i went to Team Ford and purchased a new 2004 Mustang GT for less than 20k out the door. Ps All the ads say the SRT-4 is the fastest/quickest car under $20k well... for one dealer invoice is 20,995.... that below MSRP!!! well anyways even if it was it's still not!! HAHA and I'm here to explain.

    so after confronting 2 SRT-4 drivers i found a race... yeah yeah i know street racing is bad, but oh well....

    so after we stopped playing around with the 30mph jumps on each other we hit our first red light! just to let you guys know the only md was his Mopar blowoff valve. he probably weighed @ 140-150lbs and had the rear seat stripped out.

    my car is bone stock with a drop in K&N filter, with me 230lb Andrew and my buddy Adam who is @ 255-260lbs

    so he gives me the nod light turned green, and we're off i had a nice jump from the V8s torque help me out, started pulling slowly and now i'm in 2nd a full car link in head, he shoots to third, and starts pulling im'm in 3 now...(and i like the stangs 3rd, longer gears than the SRT-4s short ratio gear box) almost to 5k in third i'm now 2 car links in front of him shift to fourth and he's slowly edging my rear bumper i didn't spank his ass but i did win... we raced a few more times i beat him everytime by a car link

    some people say well its all in the driver, maybe it is... i was trained by skip barber
    we now chat when all the punks get together he's alright but he whines just like a ricer

    now he has the stage 2 turbo upgrade kit, yeah he can beat me now but all of my income tax money is being spent on exhaust,offroad mid-pipe,CA intake, bigger MAF, accufab throttle body, and maybe a ZEX dry NOS kit. stage 2 kit for him cost 2300 + install... and it only put 33 more HP/39lbs of torque over the factory ratings probably 40-50 more horse than what he had before, they didn't do a base line dyno so...

    ill have @ 1500 to spend and probably come out with @ 95-125 additional HP to the wheels

    ps dont hate

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    Californian by nature, living in Teggsas.
    The Neon's probably a mildly better track car, but I'd rather have a Mustang. Oh wait, I already do
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    check the pantry...
    hahahaha, damn u

    oh yer, mustang!
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    I dont see how the SRT-4 would win on any track unless its an extremely small one. The SRT-4 will be underteering while the GT is oversteering.

    On top of that the Mustang GT trully has better acceleration, Ive seen mid 13s in the 1/4 miles, while the SRT-4 can barley break into the 13s thanks to FWD.

    All in all I much rather have a GT...

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    The Mustang because I don't want to own a modified, rebadged, over-priced Neon.

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    mustang. its not, for example a manufacturer-modified ford focus, as the srt4 is a neon really.
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    I'm pretty positive the Mustang GT would beat the SRT-4. But i dunno there is probably a weight difference. And handling is probably different also. so who knows.
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