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Thread: All time classic!

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    All time classic!

    The MacLaren F1 roadcar. What do you rekon(Aussie for think)?
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    There are only two possible explanations: either no one told me, or no one knows.

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    the ultimate car, next to the McLaren F1 LM.
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    Maybe the greatest car built in recent history.

    here's a good review.

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    One of the greatest cars ever built, certainly of the last decade. A milestone. They will probably be cherished like a supercharged Bentley, a type 51 Bugatti, or a Ferrari 250GTO is now in the near to distant future. Let's just hope they will not end up in static displays in museums but will remain driven by enthusisast hands.

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    Ah. The McLarens. The F1 GTR is very famous for alot of reasons, but mostly the best. The F1 GTR is the first and only car to win Le Mans first time out. No car has ever won Le Mans its first time except McLaren. Sadly, we will never be able to meet the starter of these ultimate cars, Bruce McLaren who died in a practice run in Europe. The F1 will be famous forever, no matter how many cars become faster.
    With only a 106McLarens ever made, only a 100 were sold.
    The cars below are all 106.
    F1 Prototype: 5 (4)
    F1: 64
    F1 GTR '95: 9
    F1 LM Prototype: 1
    F1 GTR '96: 9
    F1 LM: 5
    F1 GTR '97: 10
    F1 GT Prototype: 1
    F1 Prototype: 2
    There is supposedly a McLaren dealership in London. Anyways, those stats are direct from
    Besides, everyone knows McLarens are powered by BMW.

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    the closest i could get to a real mclaren is this sales brochure. it was given to me while vacationing in london years back.

    since they only made a few brochures, they also are very expensive and i'm so tempted to sell it...check this site:

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    One word, awesome. The best engine EVER produced for a roadcar - undoubtedly. Centrally mounted driving position, no driver aids and gorgeous looks. Dynamically makes the Veyron look like a souped up Golf.

    Quote Originally Posted by F1_Master View Post
    Sadly, we will never be able to meet the starter of these ultimate cars, Bruce McLaren who died in a practice run in Europe
    Bruce Mclaren was a great racer and manager. But this car owes a lot to 2 men. Ron Dennis for making McLaren a dominant force in F1 and big enough to branch out into roadcars. And Gordon Murray for using his design skill honed in F1 to produce this work of art.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lechon View Post
    since they only made a few brochures, they also are very expensive and i'm so tempted to sell it.
    You would be a fool to sell that; unless you are in a bad financial situation and need cash fast.

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    you said it!
    but it's been sitting in a storage box for years and years now and i hate that one day, i'll totally forget about it or loose it. i would rather have it go to someone who would enjoy it or have better use for it. there is no way in my lifetime that i'll own a real mclaren unless i win the lottery!

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    Yes... Those Mclarens are purdy cars..
    Buddy: 1998-2009
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    lechon, best recommendation woudl be eBay with a decent reserve or, if you've the time then go on the McLaren owners club forums and ask for offers.

    As you say, if you're not enjoying it then best to let it go
    "A woman without curves is like a road without bends, you might get to your destination quicker but the ride is boring as hell'

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