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Thread: Astra Chop

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    Astra Chop

    What does every one think???
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    gone, unless my rep dont come back!
    nice, how long u been chopping?

    imo-the exhuast would look better on the otherside, graphics should not go on the window(sometimes), youshould try not to stretch rims out, find proper rims.

    im not trying to be a bitch but its just my opinion.

    welcome to ucp btw
    have fun with all my attached pictures guys!

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    Looks good man! Apart from graphics on window thing, its great! Rims are done paticulary well.

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    nice man. i dig the smooth rear, just what i would have done

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    Nice chop man... too bad the pic is a bit small...
    i really like the graphic on the car (blue on black)
    mmm... blue mushrooms... lol
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