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Thread: My concept of the comp car!!

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    My concept of the comp car!!

    All you Ferrari lovers dont kill me I just couldnt resist doning this chop!

    If anyone would like to see the car I took the parts off of! let me know!
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    can you put the original picture I think its a nice chop
    FreshBerry cam
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    so why would a ferrari fan kill you for this chop?

    looks vvveeeerrrryyy good! the reflection of the ladder on the windsheild is impressive!

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    Don't worry Painterr, the car you based it on was a Seat and the car you merged it with was a Peugeot! Awesome chop BTW!

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    gone, unless my rep dont come back!
    yea-where is the ferari parts???

    nice reflection of the ladder
    have fun with all my attached pictures guys!

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    Nice chop man, i really like those wheels.

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    Here is the pic I used:
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