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Thread: a 4-Hint version of guess the car.....

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    Mg Zt-260?
    Mg Zt-220s?

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    Yes, the ZT-260. What the heck is a 220??? The Rover counterpart is the Rover Zt V8... surprise, surpise!
    -Sports the Hoffmeister kink.
    -Uglier than before
    -Very high-tech
    -Big saloon

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    never heard of "Hoffmeister kink."........
    is it the new Bentley Arnage?

    this is a 220:

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    bmw 7 series (maybe 5 depending on how you rate it.. me personally, i love it! )

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    Hey Sam. My computer broke, I just got it back from the shop. Carry on with the quiz, you're doing great.
    bTW, the answer to mine was the Honda Jazz (with a CVT)
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