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Thread: 1:18th Scale Die-Cast Models

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    Dec 2003
    i got 13 so far. ive been collecting for about three years but got most in the last 2 years.

    ferrari: enzo
    550 pininfarinna barchetta
    360 spider
    lamborghini: murcielago
    porsche 911 targa
    hummer h1 soft top
    '77 chevelle
    souped up acura rsx
    bmw z8
    '60 mercedes 190SL
    corvette: Z06

    best place to get 'em:

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    Jul 2003
    Northampton, Pennsylvania

    Best models I have all came from them.

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    Feb 2004


    HI i'm new here.I'm from Bulgaria.
    I'm collecting seriously from 7 months.I have 1/24 LANCIA DELTA INTEGRALE S4prototipe,1994 Range ROVER,F1 ferrari(maisto).Made by Bburago
    1/18- Ia have only a DODGE VIPER GTS Coupe.My dad gave it to me 6 years ago.It's very rare because its with the golden chrome wheels and red color.Made by Bburago.
    1/64- i have maby 60 cars.Some of them are made 40 or 20 years ago.I think thaht make them very rare.Am i right

    P.S.Sorry for my bad English.

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    Feb 2004
    Long Island, New York
    I have about 40 1/18th models, my favorites are my AutoArts and UT's. But my most favorite is my 1/12 Ferrari F50

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    Jan 2004
    aarhus, denmark
    I have a Carrera GT, 911 Turbo (996), Cayenne S, Boxster, Enzo, 360 Spider and Modena, Murciélago and SL55 AMG in scale 1:18
    "Power, Beauty, Soul" - Aston Martin

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    Hi everyone,

    I also collect 1/18 diecast models. Currently I have around 100 models in 1/18 scale collection. Check out my site if you want to see some of my models. I'll post one up here now...

    Here's my white Lamborghini Countach

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrSmart
    I have about 250 cars +/-. 90 of them 1/18. I'm looking for a Ferrari 550 Maranello Spyder 1/18 by Hotwheels;anyone have one to sell?
    I have one in red, but not to sale

    btw. here are my models (now I have a Murcielago in 1/18,which isn't at he pics)
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    Come in and find out:

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    Mar 2004
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    I currently have a red Bugatti EB110, owned for 9 years, and a Lambo Murciélago (yellow) for 2 years, and I USED to have a SL500 about 10 years back..... a very nice one indeed, but my mom stuffed it in my toybox, along with the other CHEAP toys and snapped the rear left wheel RIGHT off how sad.... If u wanna see the 2 cars go to my site, its under multimedia
    There's a automatic rice filter in being a gud mountain racer.... and that is "Skill"......

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    Jun 2003
    Kansas City
    I have 40 1:18th models - all Ferrari, and I have 2 1:12th models - also Ferrari (Tamiya F50 & Kyosho F40)

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    Mar 2004
    Suicide City
    Where do you get these cars?
    Are there any online?
    How much do they cost? (USD)
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    Jun 2004
    I have 21 1:18 at the moment .. havent bought any lately because ive been spending my money on my home entertainkment system. This is what i have at the moment ..

    Mercedes CLK-DTM (Maisto)
    Mercedes CLK GTR (Maisto)
    Audi R8 (Maisto)
    Mercedes SL500 (Maisto)
    Lamborghini Murcielago Orange (Maisto)
    Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale (Hot Wheels)
    Aston Martin DB7 Vantage (Maisto)
    Morgan Aero 8 (Maisto)
    Jaguar D-Type Short-nose (AutoArt)
    Aston Martin Vanquish 007 (???)
    TVR Speed 12 Road Car (Hot Wheels)
    Ferrari 250 TR (Hot Wheels)
    Ferrari F40 Red (Bburago)
    Ferrari F50 SIlver (Hot Wheels)
    Ferrari Enzo (Hot Wheels)
    Ferrari 575 (Hot Wheels)
    Opel Speedster (Maisto)
    Jaguar XKR-R Special Edition (???)
    Peugeot 206 Rally (????)
    Ford GT (????)
    Mclaren F1 LM (????)

    I did have a huge collection of slot cars but I sold them!

    Anyone know if theres a TVR Cerbera Speed 12 or Lotus Exige S1/S2 in any scale?? I really really want one!!
    Stationary Consumption Fan Club

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    Hotwheels makes a TVR Speed 12. It's an OK model, it's no way as nice as the new Jadi Tuscan.


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    Here's the Hotwheels Speed 12 and the Jadi Tuscan together.

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    Dec 2003
    ive gotten a few more since my last post. here is the full list now. i have 17

    ferrari enzo
    ferrari 550 pininfarinna barchetta
    ferrari 360 spider
    lamborghini murcielago
    lamborghini gallardo
    porsche 911 targa
    porsche Carrera GT
    hummer h1 soft top
    Cheverolet Chevelle ('77)
    acura rsx
    bmw z8
    mercedes 190SL ('60)
    mercedes CLK GTR
    mercedes SLR McLaren
    corvette Z06
    corvette Guldstrand
    Mustang Boss 302

    i havnt been spending much money on them as i used to but im starting to buy them at a more rapid rate again

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    May 2003
    Yeah, the Jadi Tuscan S model is very good. Currently my favorite, along with my AA Bullitt Mustang.

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