those teachers can be pricks at times, they think theyre better than the police or something. my year coordinator at school thinks he can get away with any sort of punishment practically but i havent had to go infront of him yet as im always on the lookout for the damned teachers so ive never seriosuly fought anyone at school, although ive had plenty of reason to

well long races have their advantages as do short races. short races i guess theres alot in the pit strategy for tyres as you dont have much romm to make up mistakes, as is the case with longer races but i guess a longer race theres always the factor of will there be a crash? will the safety car come out? and how many times? race 2 at clipsal i think ambrose dived into pits just as a crash happened for fuel i think it was and he was lucky that the safety car ended up coming out. going in then i think is probably the very best time during the safety car and it just showed up SBR's brilliant strategy over the weekend.