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Thread: Canada vs USA

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    Isn't eveyone the same ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by SlickHolden
    Isn't eveyone the same ??
    No because you guys (Australians) talk in an accent different to us Americans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Supra
    But i agree Australia vs New Zealand would be the equivalent of described above, they call us rednecked Aussies, we call them sheep shaggin Kiwis, its all in good fun until someone picks on a big maori. BIG MISTAKE!

    Theres this great new program on in NZ, called Brotown, takin the piss outta Maoris. All in good fun though, its made by Maoris. A quote from in it.

    "How'd you damn kuds track me down"
    "Daad, we live here!"

    BTW, You Aussies Go Back To Hide In Your Kangaraa Pouches, and play your freakin Digieeriiiiddoooooo thingymjajiggy stick. GOOOOOOO THE ALLLLLLL BLACKS!

    Its funny in New Zealand. Just today I saw a Hilux Double cab, about 5 or 6 lil Maori kids shoved in the back seat, and big guy driving up the front.


    Moving on from my little Aussie Bashing Session

    Personally, the replies the Canadians said, were a WHOOOOOOOOLE lot more intelligent than what those stupid Rednecks said. Justified and Dignified. I'd love living in Canada, and i'm actually thinking of moving there when I grow older. I will definitly take a holiday there.

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    Ill get my cuzins to smasssshh yous bro! you might have seen Fat Pizza? Its made by these Ethnic stand up comedians andits all based around the pizza shop they work in. its hilarious!

    Why do kiwis put sheep on cliff edges? they push back harder!
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    I lived in Buffalo, NY for 14 years, Southern Ontario was right across the Niagara River. Been into Canada more times than I can count, to the clubs in Fort Erie, to the Canadian side of the Falls, up to Toronto, etc. And we had a lot of Canadians running around Western NY, working, shopping, etc. Living in Buffalo at any given time one can dig into their pocket and approx. 1/3 of their change will be Canadian, most places take it at face value (change only of course). But the vending machines won't take it.

    Living so close there was a lot of ribbing and insults thrown back and forth, our morning radio guys would play pranks on their morning radio guys and vice versa, people would joke that Ontario was the 51st state, when someone would ask, "what's $XXX Canadian in American dollars?" The automatic answer was, "About a nickel."

    But this wall all good-natured, almost like sibling rivalry on a national scale. The national anthems of both nations were always played at NHL games, they were always respectful of our anthem and we of theirs. And one of the biggest events every summer was the Friendship Festival, a weekend-long cross-border celebration of the friendship between the US and Canada, it included concerts, an air show, all sorts of stuff.

    Yes, the fact that the US Military is and always will be committed to defending Canada enables them to spend a lot less on defense, but that's fine, if we can't cover our own continent we're not much of a superpower. And it's good for them, too, since they have a whole lot of land but a ridiculously low population density, smaller population and hence a smaller GDP, so it might be tough for their economy to support a military of sufficient strength to defend all that territory. And it lets them experiment with foolish ideas like socialized healthcare, so we can look to the north and learn what NOT to do.

    Overall, I think sharing the longest undefended border in the world is something both nations can be quite proud of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrari Tifosi
    My opinion: Canadians are cool, why? HOCKEY, the greatest sport in the world, imo.
    not that that really matters right now, im sure you heard that the nhl locked out all their players for this season
    probably no more nhl...

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    I dont see whats wrong with canadians. I literaly right next to canada, Infact I could walk there right now in about 10 munites. Yes we do rag on each but its not to often.
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    There are stupid people in every nation. I say if you want to fight, go fight some REAL jerks like Usama bin Laden...go join the army and defend your country!
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