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Thread: Huge weekend in College Football

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    Huge weekend in College Football

    This is a big week in College football. We got #1 USC vs. #7 California, #2 Oklahoma vs. #5 Texas, #3 Georgia vs. #17 Tennessee, #14 Michigan vs. #13 Minnesota, #16 Wisconsin vs. #15 Ohio State, and #24 LSU vs. #12 Florida.

    All I have to say is WOW! Great games all day long.

    This weekend will be a huge factor on how the national championship will play out.
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    I was reading about the games in Sports Illustrated earlier.... sadly, I don't like college football.
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    I love collage football, but our stations arnt playing the Huskies cuz they are like 0-73298547329856734902659040436943295743267438217674 20564732685943625427432504732564328756420986540278 56403578236508943657842365927865927865927892856275 62987562858343218763254 this season.

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