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Thread: Evo drives the Marcos TSO R/T

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    Evo drives the Marcos TSO R/T

    "The British sports car maker gets serious - with a little help from its friends at Prodrive"

    Distinctive looks, performance, feels secure & predictable, good damping, good turn-in, proven Chevy lump promises reliable power

    Steering feel currently lacking, ride a bit fussy on imperfect surfaces, mediocre gear linkage, pedal placement

    Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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    It is still only a prototype at this stage.

    Mmmmm, like a TVR but with a V8, and reliability!

    And to all the people who complain about the paint; it can be changed!
    Thanks for all the fish

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    thats good, im not a fan of two tone paint jobs.

    the car sounds pretty good, especially considering its still a prototype.
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    up to the next bankruptcy??
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