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Thread: Model cars. Have any?

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    Jun 2006
    The OC
    i have a few, i only get 1/18th scale ones and i try to get a same brand, it just works out better that way. seeing i'm still at school the collection hassent had much chance to grow properly but i have....

    1999 Nissan Skyline GTR V Spec 2 (Blue)
    Aston Martin DB5 (BRG)
    2001 VT2 HSV clubsport R8(white)
    Porsche GT2 Street car 993 (silver)
    Ferrari 550 Marranello (Red)
    2004 Bathurst 24 hour winning #05 Monaro 427 (red)
    2004 Lamborghini Mercilago [can't spell] (silver)
    Porsche Le Mans race car #2 (gulf race colours)
    2001 Holden concept Coupe (mustard metallic)
    Ferrari F50 [no roof] (red)

    small collection but every day i look to expand it

    while i'm running with it anyone know of a modle of the Aston Martin DBR9 in 1/18th??? i really want it and it's kinda hard to find out here in Aus.

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    Adelaide, Australia
    I have a Porsche Cayenne Turbo Matchbox model car (model SUV )... 1:66?
    Also, I have a 1928 Bentley model car and various BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Honda and Subaru model cars.
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    ive got a lot of these model cars. I used to collect the 1/18 Scale ones but they are so big and take up os much space i am now a specialist collector of 1/43 Scale Minichamps F1 Cars.

    My 1/18's
    Porsche Carrera GT
    Porsche (996) GT3 RS
    Mercedes-Benz CL55AMG F1 Safety Car
    Ferrari Enzo
    Ferrari F430
    Masearti MC12
    BMW Z8
    Audi R8 Corcodile
    Peugeot 206 Richard Burns Rally Car
    Jaguar XKR, 007
    Aston MArtin Vanquish, 007

    1/43 Scale F1 Cars
    2006, Rubens Barichello, Honda F1, ShowCar
    2004, Toyota driverless, ShowCar
    2004, Jenson Button, BAR, 1st Pole Position Imola
    2003, Jos Verstappen, Minardi, Brazil GP With Rain Tyres
    2002, USGP Event Car, With Collectors Sleeve
    1999, Ricardo Zonta, BAR, "Zipper"
    1999, Jacques Villeneuve, BAR, TestCar

    I am activly collecting more through dealers and EbAy and i shall keep everyone update on my collection

    Oh and Hello this is my 1st Post

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    Welcome to UCP!

    I have a Mini Cooper (forgot if it was an S or not), a CLK DTM GTR Road Car, Porsche 996 Targa and a Honda S2000. All from Maisto and in 1:18 scale.

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    Thanks, NSXType-R i hope to enjoy my time here. If anyones a member im Enzo Ferrari from Fast Autos, i would use that name here but it was taken

    To update, im hoping to recieve a 1999 Williams FW-21, Alex Zanardi any day now from eBay

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    You will, this site is a very serious site about cars. (not that you wouldn't have known from the URL)
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    New Here

    Hello everybody,
    Im new to this site and thought Id offer my information.

    I have 64 Die cast in 1/18. Ive only built die cast's once, but decided to stick with buying them. (And repairing them if they break or dont get shipped with care.) I do / have built ship models, Titanic, SS. U.S, Bismark, Queen Mary etc etc.

    *They are in a spare bedroom in the closet in their boxes, being stored as I live in an apt*. Trying to remember exactly what I have. Im hoping to get a nice 4-5bedroom house, so I can have a room for JUST my cars, in some elaborate glass case with expansion for.. 2-300 cars.

    I have a very select amount of diecast. Certain cars are just so damn sexy.

    Lamborghini: 1 86 Countach, 2 Diablo a standard in red and the SV in white and a Mercielago in orange.
    Ferrari: a F50, A 550 maranello and a white Testarossa (Miami Vice )from 88.
    Porsche: a Yellow 87, and a 98 (?) 911 from SCCA (?) racing has UPS logo and colors, a 356, and a 95.
    Vettes: a 54, a 04 and a 01, a 63 in glass and in metal, a 74.
    BMW's: Mostly 3series coupes sedans and conv's with an 850ci
    MercedesBenz: An A Class, a SLK 98, 3 SL's 1yr before and after the Gullwing m.y. 3 in total and the 96 ML.
    Dodge: Vipers 2 98 GTS, 1 95 in red, 2 Pt Cruisers -the concept hot rod in gold, and the standard purple one from autoshows. I also have a Prowler free from an autoshow, a Sidewinder concept.
    Jag: An XJ220 from 94, a E type conv in green and an XK last gen conv.
    I also have a Delorean and a couple of Classics, 59 Eldo, 57 Chevy, 59 Impala, 57 and 03 Concept Tbird.

    My hope is to pick up a bunch of movie cars, General Lee, ECTO, the Lexus car from IROBOT etc etc. Along with a Citroen DS. I try not to pick up the most high end sports cars, mostly vehicles that just stand out. I (try) never buy 70s cars, any SUVS or trucks, and expand into 1/12 scale.

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    I have around 75-100 models from many makes, touring cars, Rally Cars & road cars,

    Mix of scales too, 1/43, 1/36, 1/18 & 1/55

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    My collection

    Minichamps 1/43 DTM 1995
    1 Ludwig Opel
    2 Rosberg Opel
    3 Van Ommen Merc
    4 Magnussen Merc
    5 Grau Merc
    6 Thiim Merc
    7 Nannini Alfa
    8 Larini Alfa
    9 Reuter opel
    10 Dalmas Opel
    11 Danner Alfa
    12 Alboreto Alfa
    13 Giudici Alfa
    14 Schneider Merc
    15 Franchitti Merc
    16 Krages Merc
    17 Lohr Merc
    18 Modena Alfa
    19 Bartels Alfa
    20 Lehto Opel
    21 Amorim Opel
    22 Alzen Merc
    23 Maylander Merc
    24 Ruch Merc
    26 Fisichella Alfa

    1/43 Onyx Porsche 962
    4 Camel
    5 Repsol
    6 Primagaz
    7 Blaupunkt
    9 Mizuro
    11 Leyton House
    15 Hydro Aluminium
    27 Primagaz

    1/43 Quartzo Porsche 956
    1 Warsteiner
    2 New Man
    3 Rothmans
    8 Marlboro
    9 Warsteiner
    10 D&W
    12 Boss
    14 Canon
    14 Gunston
    16 Skoal Bandit
    19 Jagermeister
    19 FATurbo Express
    19 Schiesser
    19 Blanchet Locatop
    21 Kenwood
    26 Swap Shop
    33 Skoal Bandit
    33 American 100's
    33 Danone
    47 BP
    55 Casino Marbella

    1/43 Quartzo Porsche 962
    1 Rothmans
    10 Kenwood
    17 Rothmans
    17 Fortuna
    19 Fuji Golf
    20 Rizla
    45 Alpha
    72 Primagaz

    1/43 Minichamps F1 1995
    4 Salo Tyrrell
    5 Hill Williams
    7 Blundell McLaren
    11 Schiatterella Simtek
    25 Brundle Ligier
    27 Berger Ferrari
    29 Wendlinger Sauber

    1/18 UT Sainz Repsol Escort

    1/18 Minichamps F1 1997
    Herbert Sauber
    Alesi Benetton

    Edit: Almost forgot my latest addition this week, Minichamps L/E Mazda 787B in 1/43.
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    and a few photo's

    Selection of Minichamps DTM '95
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Mine (sorry about the words in Spanis. they are the colour. I had this list on other forum, so I am not going to write it again):

    1. Mercedes SSK Beige/Marrón Bburago
    2. BMW 328 ´39 Blanco Autoart
    3. Ferrari 250 Testarossa ´57 Rojo Bburago
    4. Ferrari Testarossa ´84 Rojo Guiloy (1:20)
    5. Ferrari F40 Rojo Bburago
    6. Ferrari F40 Rojo Bburago
    7. Ferrari F50 Rojo Bburago
    8. Ferrari Enzo Amarillo HW
    9. Jaguar XJ200 Gris Maisto
    10. Lamborghini Countach "LP400" Rojo Bburago
    11. Posche Carrera GT Negro Maisto
    12. Ford GT Blanco HW
    13. Mercedes Clase S Azul oscuro Maisto
    14. Audi A8 Gris oscuro Motormax
    15. BMW 745i Gris Motormax
    16. Maserati 3200 GT Granate Bburago
    17. Mercedes SL500 Negro Motormax
    18. VW New Beetle Negro Bburago
    19. Porsche 993 cabrio Por ahora decapao Bburago
    20. Jaguar E-Type Rojo Bburago
    21. Lancia Ypsilon Gris Bburago (1:24)
    22. Renault Twingo Rojo Anson
    23. Volkswagen Passat Negro Welly
    24. Subaru Impreza STI ´01 Azul Autoart
    25. Mercedes 190E Senna Autoart
    26. Mercedes 190E EVO2 DTM Autoart
    27. Mercedes 190E Grand Prix Macau Autoart
    28. Alfa 33.2 Stradale Daytona Ricko
    29. Ford GT40 Gulf UH
    30. Lamborghini Miura Rojo/dorado Kyosho
    31. Ferrari Lm 250 Sebring Bburago

    Bought but not received yet:

    1. Audi V8 Quattro DTM Nº1 Minichamps
    2. BMW M3 e30 Jägermeister Minichamps
    3. Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Gris Kyosho
    4. Mercedes Clase S Negro Autoart
    5. Pagani Zonda Azul Motormax

    Some pics:

    Más caga un buey que cien golondrinas

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    Adelaide, Australia
    My brother gave me this Nissan Silvia model car.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    It's obvious that it's highly appreciated and cared for

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    Adelaide, Australia
    RICE'd Nissan Silvia model.
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    "Take my swimming trunks, I won't need them." - Frank Costanza. "What does he want with your swimming trunks." - Estelle Costanza. "Why should they go to waste." - Frank Costanza - Seinfeld

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    I have a few.

    My personal favourite is a 1/18 Pontiac GTO form 1965. My sister got it for me from Jordan. I also have a 206CC with a folding roof, from France, and a Subaru Impreza WRX STi, also from France. I have loads up in the loft!

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