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Thread: Where to Find Photoshop

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    Where to Find Photoshop

    For everyone new to these forums and chopping, I welcome you. This is an official thread for everyone on where to find sources for photoshop. Please post a good site to locate photoshop or stores/locatoins to find substitues. thank you!

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    You can always be a loser and go down to the local computer store, and lay down around $500-$1000 on the program, but u don't wanna do that, do you? I recommend any P2P program, like KazaaLite or LimeWire
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    yeah, give him sources that will just give him viruses.
    go buy it, or buy a scanner that comes with 1 of those ps elements version.(sometimes even a better version)
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    no, just use any p2p service and be careful what your downlaoding and scan it for viruses.

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    give me sum time and i have a great way to get PS8
    (so this wil become a sticky too! ^^)

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    here, i finally found out how i got my photoshop (note: windows 2000 or higher!!!)

    1) u need yahoo! anti-spy
    2) paradox
    3) winrar + ps

    if u dont have any ad/spy/ware removal things, get yahoo! anti spy HERE

    after u got that, go to this site and download photoshop.

    and after ur done, click here to download winrar and open up photoshop.

    look for the application called "setup.exe" open that and u need a password, type in sdaupp

    at the installation screen, type in the serial u saw at 1st link. and to save time, either one of these will work.
    1) 1045-1756-2071-0999-3438-3575
    2) 1045-1272-4979-6538-4615-4826

    righ now, u have 30 dayz to use it, so u need an authorization code thingy....
    so click here to download paradox (my favorite program ) extract it and open it up.

    open up photoshop too, at the activation screen, go to "other activation options" and click "by phone" here u see those toll free numbers, and the serial u typed in earlier, and righ under should be the other code, type the activation number into the paradox program and generate ur authorization code. note: different serials have a different code to type in paradox.

    after ur done, open IE (if ur not using mozilla alrdy... ) and run yahoo anti-spy to get rid of all those ads and spyware that paradox gave u.

    and free photoshop!

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    when i hit [Download] it opens another page saying "No input file specified."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon
    when i hit [Download] it opens another page saying "No input file specified."
    well then, its sumthing wrong with ur downloading window thing
    it should work tho, it if doesnt try right clicking it and save target as.
    if not, i cant help ya

    btw. mozilla works better than IE

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    the site is down.
    which SUX ASS.
    soo.. i guess that doesnt work

    here , try this

    photoshop CS torrent download
    too bad u need a torrent downlaoder
    basically, this is the only way out
    so get ur ass to this site
    and download ABC torrent downloader. once u get that, install it, and go back to the photoshop file and open that, and it should start dling.
    any more problems just post here

    o and if u need any serials, codes, authorization sht and blah blah jsut use paradox and stuff.

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    photoshop authorization code

    I unknowingly obtained a bootlegged copy of cs. Along with the disks came instructions to call
    a number where you read them your activation code and they will give you the
    authorization code. they do not ask for any personal information, thus, you will not be
    seperate from anyone else they may have sold their bootlegged copies to. i called and
    it worked, hopefully they wont catch on until a whole lot of people have called. these
    people screwed me, hopefully i can help return the favor. that number is to a cell
    phone in florida, the number is (863) 712-4259. if it works for anyone else who tries
    it, enjoy your software.

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    Here is a link to photoshop CS 8.1 it is the updated version! As far as I know it works I shared it with one person on the forum and he hasnt written back to tell me it didnt. I dont know how long the links will work. If it dont let me know and I will try and find a new one!




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