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Thread: Tutorials for Chopping

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    its possible to do it, ive just learnt then, hence the new changing BOJ avitars.

    hit me up on msn (i think you have my email? white ballz @ hotmail . com)

    and i will talk you through it if you have adobe imageready.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 6'bore
    Does anybody have any 'easy to follow' tuts for making carbon fibre?
    this is my own way.. select the hood ( or what ever body part ) you want to make into carbon fibre, using the magic wand tool. then go to..
    filter > sketch > halftone pattern, and chose size 1, contrast 5, and pattern type, dots. then it should look like carbon fibre

    edit: no dont do this, use peter@digimods' tut
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    ps-garage's Chopping for Dummies is up and running....

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    I have some tutorials but they are not in English, be informed most the tutorials are giving you the idea and you need to practice.
    you may PM me for any clarifications
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