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Thread: College Project on BMW's I-Drive System

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    College Project on BMW's I-Drive System

    in college i had to choose a topic related to computers for a project. most people are doing palm tops, lap tops, cell phones etc so i chose something a bit different but still relevent to the subject - on board computers in cars. so i have decided to work on BMW's I-Drive System. now i need pictures of bmw Interiors which show the i-drive system & photos of diffrent menus of i-drive. & if you have any info about the i-drive system, like advantages, disadvantages or difficulties caused by the system, please post them.
    Thank You.

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    unfortunately i deleted all my pics of BMW's a while ago, if you go into the search feture and search for BMW and sear for it under the username MATT it will get alot of results with pics you want
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustang
    unfortunately i deleted all my pics of BMW's a while ago

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    Originally Posted by PeterPhD
    Hello guys, sorry for bumping an old topic, just need some little help with my homework project cause I'm trying to figure out where I can find the high quality images of BMW's I-Drive System and the Navigation screen with the Traffic Flow examples. I need those for theessayservice assignment with the map updates.
    I'm a PhD student at Karlsruher Institut für Technologie. Once again, sorry for resurrecting the discussion.
    Thanks, Peter

    Hi Peter,
    You may find some pics on Kelly BMW Blog or check the BMW iDrive identification guide on Car-Interface or Navigation, iDrive, Audio, Video, Bluetooth, Phone, Cameras, Electronics section on the f80.bimmerpost forum. Additionally, Autoevolution has a couple of DIY projects for BMW iDrive System. Good luck with your task!
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