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Thread: a touching movie

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    a touching movie

    friend show'd me this a while back. its very moving and points out "im right your wrong" mentality which is the source for much of the ignorance, violence, and hate in current and past conflicts...
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    i would check that out but...
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    I could see it just fine...
    But I must pose a question. He said: "Cant we all just get along?"
    After all that he has shown, destruction, fire etc. Can we all just get along? This makes no sense. Yes, Martin Luther King Jr. did say: "I have a dream", and he worked for that dream. He did all he could for that dream. He says: "I too have a dream". By making a 5 minute movie that millions of people have never even heard of, what's the use of saying: "Can't we all just get along?". If you couldn't even publisize a movie on the net to atleast xxx number of people so that atleast it was talked about and people knew about it, how can you expect peace to spread "Just" like that?

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    yo...atlesat he made that movie...probably everyone who saw that movie agreed wit his vision, but how many of them (including me and u btw) did even half the work he did by making that movie?? jus coz u havent heard of it, doesnt mean it aint well known, firstly, and secondly, atleast appreciate the dudes effort.

    he made...y dont you help spread it now? tell ppl abt it n him and u achieve ure common dream...
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    jus tryin to take out the points so it can be better. Thinking over something never hurt anyone. And who say's i dont appreciate his work? If i didnt appreciate his work, i wouldnt be taking out the points.

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