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Old 03-04-2004, 09:30 AM
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What BMW means??

BMW = Bikes Made Well
BMW = Bite My Wallet
BMW = Break My Wallet
BMW = Bring More Wampum
BMW = Bavarian Motorcycles for Wimps
BMW = Basic Marin Wheels
BMW = Big Manly Willy
BMW = Big Moronic Woman
BMW = Badly Made Wobbler
BMW = Big Middleclass Wagon
BMW = Bugger My Wallet
BMW = Brilliant Marvellous Wonderful
BMW = Bavarian Motorcycling Wonder
BMW = Bulging Monoshock Wanderer
BMW = Big Money Waste
BMW = Brick Motor Wheezer
BMW = Beats Me, Wilhelm
BMW = Bite My Weenie!
BMW = Biggest Moron in the World
BMW = Bash My Windshield
BMW = Bayerische Mist Wagen = Bavarian Dung Heap Car
BMW = Bring More Wrenches!
BMW = But Mine Works (best said around Harley riders)
BMW = Bumse Mich Wieder (Screw Me Again)
BMW = Borrow Money Weekly
BMW = Bitch, Moan and Whine
BMW = Beste Motorrad der Welt = Best Motorcycle in the World
BMW = Be My Wings
BMW = Bavarian Murder Weapon
BMW = Born Moderately Wealthy
BMW = Burning, Melting Wreck (which leads to BMW = Bring More Water)
BMW = Bagel Munching Weenies
BMW = Bring Money With you
BMW = Bei Mercedes Weggeworfen = Discarded By Mercedes
BMW = Bad Mother Wheels
BMW = Bigger Meaner Wheelies
BMW = Bring Meat Wagon!
BMW = Bavarian Money Waster
BMW = Better'n My Wife
BMW = Bezahl Mal Wieder (pay yet again)
BMW = Bastel Mal Wieder (wrench yet again)
BMW = Bike Might Wheelie
BMW = Bikes Made Weird
BMW = Bitchers, Moaners and Whiners
BMW = Bend More Wheels (for the 3-spoke crowd)
BMW = Blau Mit Weiş
BMW = Bitte macht Weg (get out of the way, please)
Il me faut une caisse dans les 300 et le GPS

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