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Peugeot 205 GTI 1984-1994

Peugeot 205 GTI

The 1.6 GTI was launched in 1984, and came with a XU5J engine, producing 105 PS (77 kW; 104 hp), for the 1987 model year the XU5J received the cylinder head with larger valves thus becoming XU5JA. The new engine was quoted for 115 bhp (86 kW; 117 PS) . The 1.9 GTI came with an XU9JA engine producing 128 PS (94 kW; 126 hp), although later models with a catalytic converter produced 122 PS (90 kW; 120 hp) . Internally these engines are very similar, the main differences on 1.9-litre versions being the longer stroke, oil cooler, and some parts of the fuel injection system. The shorter stroke 1.6-litre engine is famed for being revvy and eager, while the 1.9-litre feels lazier and torquier. Outside the engine bay the main differences between the 1.6 GTI and the 1.9 GTI are half-leather seats (1.9 GTI) vs. cloth seats (1.6 GTI); and disc brakes all-round (1.9 GTI) vs. discs at the front and drum brakes at the back (1.6 GTI); as well as the 14-inch (360 mm) alloy (Speedline SL201) wheels (1.6 GTI) vs. 15 inch (Speedline SL299) alloys (1.9 GTI).

The 205 is still often treated as a benchmark in group car tests of the newest GTI models or equivalent. Peugeot itself has never truly recreated this success in future GTI models, although they came very close with the highly regarded GTI-6 variant of the Peugeot 306. A cabriolet version of the 205, known as the CJ (or CT in France), was designed and partially assembled by Pininfarina of Italy. A CTi version, with the same plastic arches and wheels as the 1.6 GTI was also available. Some later models incorporated the catalysed 1.9 engine.

The main aesthetic difference between the GTI/CTi versions and other 205 models were the plastic wheel arches and trim, beefier front and rear bumper valances. The shell also underwent some minor changes, including larger wheel arches (to suit the larger wheels on the GTI and CTi), and the suspension was redesigned and sat lower on the GTI with stiffer springs, different wishbones and a drop-linked anti-roll bar.

With the early success of the 205 GTI in Europe, Motor Trend reported in 1984 that Peugeot was seriously considering adding it to its US lineup, even though Peugeot had a more upmarket image in the United States. Nothing ever came of such rumours, however, and any talk of Peugeot expanding its presence in US became moot when it was forced to pull out in 1991.

Sales of the GTI in the United Kingdom in the early 1990s were badly hit by soaring insurance premiums, brought about by high theft and 'joyriding' of cars of this sort. Increasingly stringent emissions regulations meant the 1.6 GTI went out of production in 1992, while the 1.9 was sold for a couple more years thanks to re-engineering of the engine to enable it to work properly with a catalytic converter, which dropped power to 122 bhp (91 kW; 124 PS).

Special 205 GTI editions
Peugeot produced some limited edition 205 GTI models over the car's life:

Across 1989-1990, 1200 GTIs were made in the then new colours of Miami blue (Bright metallic blue) and Sorrento Green (a very dark pearlescent green). The cars were made in an equal mix of 300 blue 1.6, 300 green 1.6, 300 blue 1.9 and 300 green 1.9. The cars had a sliding sunroof, power steering and full grey leather interior as standard, together with grey carpets and doorcards. These paint colours were later added to the list of available colours for mainstream models.

The Gentry was a limited edition 205, although arguably not a GTI model as it used a detuned 105 bhp (78 kW; 106 PS) 1.9 engine with auto gearbox. Only 300 models were made in Sorrento Green and Aztec Gold (sometimes called Mayfair Beige). They came with full-leather and real wood trim, power assisted steering, ABS and heated mirrors. The Gentry came with the same body side trims as the GTI, which led to the Gentry often being mistaken for a GTI.

The Griffe was a special GTI edition for mainland Europe, and was sold in France, Germany and the Netherlands. It was bright green (called 'Laser' Green or 'Vert Fluorite'), and came equipped with all available vendor options at that time except air-conditioning, but including full black leather interior, ABS, power steering and sunroof. 1,652 Griffes were made, all in laser green and with dark grey anodised alloy wheels with a silver rim.

info : wikipedia.org
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If the AMG version of every thinkable mercedes deserves there own thread the GTI defenitly deserves its own thread.

The normal Peugeot 205 is here
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Excellent post. Thank you very much!!
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