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Chrysler LeBaron (3rd gen) Sedan 1989-1994

Chrysler LeBaron third generation sedan (1989–1994)
The last LeBaron sedan was built on the front wheel drive AA platform, another K derivative, as junior level sedan to the more upscale New Yorker. It differed from the Dodge Spirit and Plymouth Acclaim, as well as the European Chrysler Saratoga mostly in detail and trim choices.

Theoretically, as historically was the case in this era whenever Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth shared direct model variants, the Acclaim was supposed to be the more mainstream version, while the Spirit was the sportier version, and the LeBaron was the luxury version, reflecting the Chrysler brand's flagship status. In reality, however, there was considerable overlap amongst the three in available trim, equipment and features. The top-line LeBaron Landau model offered a padded vinyl half-roof with smaller "formal" backlight. All LeBaron sedans came with a standard driver's side airbag, and could seat up to six passengers.

For 1992, the LeBaron sedan was split into three trim levels: base, LX and Landau. The new entry model eliminated the previously standard V6 engine and landau vinyl roof while the Landau model still included the landau roof as standard. The LX, available one year only, offered standard V6 but no landau roof. For 1993, the LeBaron sedan received new rear lights, which incorporated the reversing lamps previously located in the bumper fascia and the lineup was reduced to two trim levels with the entry model now labeled LE. The LeBaron sedan was discontinued on May 18, 1994 while the Dodge Spirit and Plymouth Acclaim continued production until December 9, 1994. The Chrysler LeBaron was replaced by the "Cloud Car" Chrysler Cirrus.

n 1994, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rated the LeBaron a 4 out of 5 for driver side and a 3 out of 5 for passenger side frontal impact occupant protection.

Trim levels
base - 1990–1992
LX - 1992
Landau - 1992–1994
LE - 1993–1994

Mexican market
M and K-platform cars were assembled in the Toluca, Mexico facility. The M-platform LeBaron was sold in Mexico from the 1977 to the 1982 model years. The K-car LeBaron was also produced in Toluca and was sold for the 1983-87 model years. There were no K-platform convertibles, at least none right from the factory. Chrysler Phantom was the Mexican-market version of the J-Body LeBaron Coupe. There were no convertibles of the J-body 2-door for the Mexican market. Phantoms were sold with the same options as the LeBarons in the U.S., and frequently at a higher trim level. Chrysler Phantoms were marketed from 1992 to 1994, with an R/T version (similar to the American LeBaron GTC) starting in 1992.

The Mexican A-A-body Chrysler Lebaron 4-door sedan was called the New Yorker (all of them with Landau roof), and the "K" body (slightly shorter) was reserved for the 4-door LeBaron's, which were sold in two trim levels, one with Landau roof and leather, and the other one without those two options.

Source: Wikipedia

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