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  Mitsubishi eX Concept      

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Country of origin:Japan
Produced in:2015
Introduced at:2015 Tokyo Motor Show
Source:Company press release
Last updated:October 12, 2015
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Click here to download printer friendly versionThe Mitsubishi eX Concept is a vision for a compact SUV powered by a next-generation EV system.

In terms of design, it evokes the image of a city-friendly sports crossover and merges the elegance and stylishness of a "shooting brake" (a term for a coupé with flowing styling fused with a hatchback car, the term originates from British hunting-use horse carriages) with compact SUV lines.

The front end expresses a new interpretation of MMC's Dynamic Shield front design concept. In both its exterior and interior, the Mitsubishi eX Concept indicates future direction of MMC Design.

The next-generation EV system employs a high-capacity and high-performance battery together with compact high-output electric motors making it lighter and more efficient.

With further weight reductions in the vehicle itself, it can provide a cruising range of 400 km.

Installing the drive battery beneath the body has lowered the centre of gravity and together with its Twin Motor 4WD and S-AWC integrated vehicle dynamics control system, helps provide handling control which faithfully reflects driver inputs as well as outstanding vehicle stability.

The Mitsubishi eX Concept is a next-generation SUV a step ahead of EVs to date.

Other features include the application of automated driving technology which combines connected car systems, utilising next-generation information services and advanced active safety technology.

Mitsubishi's eX Concept quickly and precisely utilises its safety features to detect malfunctions or abnormalities early and advises the driver to take the vehicle in for repair or servicing.

The Mitsubishi eX Concept's active, pulsating design uses a very dense, solid form that gives it a strong presence, looking as if it has been carved from a single block, as well as marrying the elegance and stylishness of a "shooting brake" car with the lines of a compact SUV.

While the luggage compartment provides ample space for outdoor gear, the Mitsubishi eX Concept establishes styling which evokes an image of a sports crossover zipping nimbly around town.

The front is a new interpretation of the MMC Dynamic Shield design concept. For the Mitsubishi eX Concept, the design takes a slightly more functional direction.

In addition to the visual expression of the "shield" shape, to protect people and the car alike, its daytime running lamps and the turning signal in the top are more visible to pedestrians while the headlights are located under the ends of the bumper to prevent blinding oncoming vehicles and pedestrians.

Another element that serves to enhance a feeling of reassurance is the use of rubber coating on the underside and the sides of the fascia where contact is possible with people or obstacles.

The easy-access doors without centre pillars lead occupants into a pleasing interior space.

To also express what defines a "shooting brake" car inside the Mitsubishi eX Concept, the driver and passenger seats use different colours to give each side a different ambience, making for an interior space which is both sporty but also bright refined and spacious overall.

The use of a framed structure covered with soft-touch material for the dashboard and other major elements of the front compartment not only creates a sense of being light in weight visually - the car's structure actually reduces its weight.

The centre console houses two portable batteries which can be used outside of the car to support the active lifestyles.

The Mitsubishi eX Concept also employs an augmented reality (AR) as well as the Intelligent Display located in the centre of the instrument housing to give information to the driver.

Linking to an information network using connected car technology, the Mitsubishi eX Concept brings new ways of enjoying the in-car experience.

Employing augmented reality technology, information acquired through connected car system is displayed on the windscreen.

Displaying information within their forward field of vision allows drivers to view changes in road conditions without having to make major movements beyond their line of sight.

The type of information that can be displayed includes:
  • Route guidance from the car navigation system
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle distance alerts
  • Lane departure warnings
  • Information on fixed or movable traffic signs acquired by the camera-based road sign recognition system
In addition, the AR windscreen is fitted with Caution Tracking which employs driver assistance technology using vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-road and vehicle-to-pedestrian communications to display guidance and warnings on information outside the driver's field of view, such as vehicles or pedestrians approaching intersections but hidden from the driver.

Urging the driver to make split-second decisions and vehicle operations, the AR windscreen supports safer driving.

Located in the upper part of the instrument housing, the Intelligent Display provides a portal to a whole range of driving information. Linked to the navigation app on a smartphone, it can display route guidance.

Search information through a smartphone or PC is shared with artificial intelligence (AI) via the Cloud and the car will display the driver's requested internet search information.

The AI function of the Intelligent Display will make recommendations based on understanding of the driver's interests and hobbies.

Side View Monitors are located on either side of the main instrument housing.

Replacing traditional door mirrors, they use high-definition cameras fitted to the car body to display the rearward field of view and so reduce the amount of eye movement the driver has to make.

A rear view monitor mounted in the overhead console uses a high-definition camera fitted to the rear of the car to display the view behind the car, replacing the traditional rear view mirror.

It provides a wider and clearer image of the view behind the car than a conventional rear view mirror.

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  Article Image gallery (2) Specifications