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Ami One Concept
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  Citroën Ami One Concept      

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Country of origin:France
Produced in:2019
Introduced at:2019 Geneva Motor Show
Source:Company press release
Last updated:February 19, 2019
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Click here to download printer friendly versionSince 1919, Citroën's history has always reflected each era, with non-conformist and revolutionary vehicles that have become icons in the hearts of motorists. At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the Citroën brand is re-inventing itself again, by unveiling its uninhibited take on an urban mobility 'object'. Just as the 2CV made freedom of movement broadly accessible last century, Ami One Concept frees up urban mobility for everyone with its unique and popular character advocating a new experience.

Citroën's vision of urban mobility is part of a 100% digitalised and personalised customer journey focused on seamless freedom of use.

With this new and unique urban mobility object - a new field of exploration for Citroën as part of its future energy transition programme - the brand is aiming to free up individual mobility in the city. Citroën designed Ami One Concept as an alternative to public transport (bus, train etc.) and other modes of transport such as bikes and electric scooters. An ultra-compact (2.50m long) two-seater concept vehicle bringing occupants impressive agility in urban environments, Ami One Concept also conveys robustness through its body styling. The enclosed cabin protects occupants in bad weather. The architecture and design - both informed by the object's function and usage - enable users to explore a new driving experience within the city. Accessible to all from the age of 16 (European countries average/dependent on legislation), Ami One Concept is for urban customers, with or without a driving licence, who share Citroën's love for the freedom of movement.

Faithful to the brand signature "Inspired by You" and being 100% connected, Ami One Concept is based on a 100% digital ecosystem. It offers an innovative 'on demand' customer experience at every step in the process (online presentation, test drive request, service configuration, reservation and delivery), and enables customers to easily choose the period of use most suited to their needs. The digital experience continues with a special mobile app for managing the vehicle and journeys.

A connected object designed for greater freedom in the city, Ami One Concept takes things further by proposing new alternatives for usage. Citroën is making its customers' lives easier in terms of mobility access by offering, via digital media, several options spanning car-sharing, rental and purchase. The aim is to fulfil customer's travel needs by addressing all the ways in which they use mobility services (occasionally or regularly, with family or friends, individually or shared) offering complete peace of mind. Customers can access Ami One Concept for a minimum of five minutes and adjust their usage at any time to several hours, with no commitment. The options can be customised to each person's mobility requirements and meet their needs whether it is for five minutes, five hours or five days of use - as well as over longer periods with rental offers for five months or long-term leasing arrangements for five years.
  • Five minutes or five hours: The mobility object is made available at a given location for a given period of time through a car-sharing offer operated by the Free2Move brand. Using the app dedicated to new forms of mobility, customers can choose their Ami One Concept in just a few clicks.
  • Five days: The mobility object is available in the form of an easy-access, short-term rental offer. The customer simply reserves the vehicle online at Citroën's Rent&Smile website.
  • Five months: Commitment-free access for a shorter period of time than 'conventional' ownership.
  • Five years: The mobility object is also available as part of a five-year, long-term leasing option with battery, maintenance and parking included in the monthly payment. With the online purchasing journey, customers can choose the delivery location, be it at their home or the closest Citroën point of sale.
To support this innovative customer experience, Citroën has created "Ami One Counters". These digitalised spaces preview what could become an automatic distributor for Ami One Concept in city centres. Customers can access information on the product and the possible access options (from five minutes to five years), and book a test drive in the mobility object. The counters could also be rolled out in other venues, including shopping centres.

Once the urban mobility object is in the driver's possession, the mobile app delivers a special dialogue with Ami One Concept. Drivers can freely, and at any time, manage the settings of the on-board apps and extend their customer experience via the smartphone. They can access information remotely (electricity consumption, battery charge etc.) as well as a range of services via Free2Move that make city driving easier (parking space search, geolocation etc.).

For greater ease of use and safety, the app is voice controlled. Drivers can ask to be guided to the closest charging station or reserve a parking space with complete ease. The app notably relies on Free2Move Services, which simplify the customer's trip by using geolocation to find a car park and parking space, and offering electronic payments. In fact, two apps developed for electric models are of particular interest for customers:
  • The Charging Pass enables drivers of electrified vehicles to locate and access electric charging stations compatible with their vehicle. To make choices easier for the customer, Free2Move Services establishes a pre-selection based on three criteria: distance, charging speed and charging price. It displays a default list, but customers can also access a complete map of charging stations. The search may be made by the customer or it may be suggested to them via a notification when the battery charge reaches a critically low level. Once the customer has selected the charging station on their smartphone, the destination is sent automatically to their preferred route planner app (Waze or Google Maps).
  • Supplementing the Charging Pass, the Trip Planner reassures drivers by suggesting the best route, taking into account the remaining range, the use of the vehicle and the location of charging stations along the way. It can therefore estimate the travel time, including the charging time.

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  Article Image gallery (3) Specifications