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  Gordon Murray Automotive T.50s

  Article Specifications  
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Country of origin:Great Britain
Introduced in:2023
Numbers built:25 (Limited)
Price new:£3,100,000
Source:Company press release
Last updated:September 07, 2020
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Click here to download printer friendly versionGordon Murray Automotive has announced a racing-focused version of the T.50 supercar that will be even lighter, faster, and more powerful. With all of the road-going T.50 supercars selling out within 48 hours of the global premiere, customer demand has turned to the 25 super-exclusive and highly-individual racing models.

Priced at £3.1m (before taxes) the racing variant – codenamed T.50s – weighs just 890kg, while its Cosworth GMA V12 engine develops even more power. The new car also features a 1,758mm-wide delta wing mounted to the rear of the car, which works with the rear-mounted fan, a new front splitter, underbody aerofoil and adjustable diffusers to generate more than 1,500kg of downforce – 170% of the weight of the car.

The new car’s historically-significant official name will be announced later this year at its global reveal. More than half of the exclusive production run has already been sold – before any details were released. Murray now expects interest to soar as prospective owners hear of the boundary-breaking performance potential of the T.50s.

Professor Gordon Murray: “With an unwavering focus on performance, and free from road-going legislation and maintenance considerations, the T.50s will achieve astonishing performance on track, demonstrating the full extent of the car’s capabilities. We’ve thrown everything at pushing this car beyond the levels of anything that’s been done before – it’s a celebration of British engineering and our team’s extensive motorsport experience.”

The extensively re-engineered T.50s features hundreds of significant revisions for race and track use over the road-going T.50. The stripped-back interior highlights the track focus and contributes to the new car’s 94kg weight loss. This enhanced lightweighting and the car’s phenomenal downforce ratio will ensure the car performs like nothing else on a racing circuit.

One of the most significant performance-enhancing additions to the T.50s is a 1,758mm-wide delta wing mounted to the rear of the car, which echoes the design of the front wing on Murray’s 1983 Brabham BT52 Formula One car. The visually-striking wing works with a new ground effect underbody aerofoil, front splitter, adjustable diffusers, and the car’s 400mm fan to generate more than 1,500kg of downforce – 170% of the car’s 890kg weight.

While the road-focused T.50 features six different aerodynamic modes, The T.50s operates in High Downforce Mode at all times, with the underbody diffusor ducts open fully and the fan running permanently at 7,000rpm. The fan cleans the air from the car’s upper and lower surfaces, with the underbody flow accelerated through the car’s redesigned, sharply-raked rear diffusor.

The other significant aerodynamic enhancement over the road-spec T.50 is an aero fin that runs from the top of the roof to the rear lip of the car, dominating the rear profile. The fin enhances cornering efficiency and stability, as well as cleaning and channelling air over the car’s body towards the delta wing.

As well as optimising downforce and stability when cornering, the aerodynamic package also enables the T.50s to generate around 2.5G - 3G under braking.

Murray: “Designing the racing car’s aerodynamics has been extremely rewarding. My love for motorsport really fuelled the development of this car. The aerodynamics are so effective that the T.50s would be capable of driving upside down, and could do so at as little as 175mph.”

The Cosworth GMA V12 engine has been extensively reworked to extract maximum performance. Its power output is now boosted beyond 700PS through completely revised cylinder heads and camshafts, a higher compression ratio, plus an all-new free flow exhaust system.

Murray: “With no noise or emission legislation to contend with, we could unleash the full potential of the GMA V12 engine and its 12,100rpm. More than 50 components have been changed in the engine alone and the power can top 730PS when factoring in the new ram-air induction system.”

The roof-mounted ram-air inlet from the T.50 has been modified to stand proud of the roof to maximise intake of air above the car’s boundary layer. The periscope-style inlet feeds the engine as speed increases generating around 30PS of additional power.

To harness the power, the T.50s features an entirely new six-speed IGS (Instantaneous Gearchange System) pre-selector gearchange system by Xtrac. The bespoke transmission features new drive ratios, optimised for speed, with paddle-shift replacing the road car’s manual set-up.

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  Article Specifications