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  Elation Freedom      

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Country of origin:United States
Introduced in:2021
Price new:$2,000,000
Engine type:Electric
Source:Company press release
Last updated:December 01, 2020
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Click here to download printer friendly versionInspired by decades of shared experience piloting Boeing 747’s and building championship winning race cars, longtime friends Carlos Satulovsky and Mauro Saravia founded Elation Hypercars to accomplish a single goal: to capture the feeling of elation in a single automotive masterpiece. Backed by an expert team of world class automotive engineers, the Northern California-based company has developed the first hypercar of its kind.

Built for speed and an exhilarating driving experience all while remaining peerlessly luxurious, the Elation Freedom can be expressed with three words: Power, Poise, and Precision.

Building upon the region’s long history of motorsports excellence, Elation Hypercars developed the Freedom by employing the brightest minds in the Argentinean racing industry. Elation Hypercars engineers have worked in Formula One, Le Mans, and other European racing divisions.

“By dovetailing the worlds of high-performance motorsport with luxury, we have developed a purely emotional driving experience,” comments Satulovsky. “The goal of the Elation Freedom is to deliver just that.”

The Elation Freedom’s high-performance electric drive system was developed in partnership with Cascadia Motion—a company with over 40 years of experience designing electric motor technology. Cascadia Motion has designed electric motors for Formula E and kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) for Formula One.

The Elation Freedom blends a proprietary, ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber monocoque chassis with three liquid-cooled, permanent magnet synchronous e-motors (PMSM) that produce over one megawatt of power as standard—equivalent to a personal jet of comparable weight travelling at 322 miles per hour at full throttle. The driver directs all this power from an elegant, fighter-jet inspired cockpit. Elation customers will have the ability to customize their Freedom with four motors which will produce up to ~1,903 horsepower if desired.

The Elation Freedom’s 100 kilowatt-hour, T-shaped integrated structural battery pack smoothly maximizes power delivery while minimizing heat generation. The battery pack is strategically located to keep an extremely low center of gravity which further enhances the car’s stability. The Elation Freedom offers a 120 kilowatt-hour battery upgrade for customers who require an extended range up to ~400 miles.

The Elation Freedom uses two proprietary Elation Technology gearboxes coupled with a dynamic all-wheel drive torque vectoring system to maximize performance while enhancing safety. The front axle is equipped with a one-speed gearbox and the rear axle is equipped with a two-speed gearbox. This allows the Elation Freedom to offer unencumbered acceleration at all speed ranges.

Spurred on by a design philosophy heavily influenced by racing, the Elation team focused on making the Freedom as lightweight as possible. Through the use of Elation Hypercars’ proprietary gearbox and All-Wheel Drive torque-vectoring system, engineers were able to drastically reduce the vehicle’s overall curb weight by building the standard Elation Freedom with three motors rather than four. By focusing on maximizing power transfer from wheels to the ground, the Freedom achieves a significant weight advantage over other electric hypercars. In turn, this meticulous attention to weight reduction develops a delicate engineering equilibrium within the car which enhances the vehicle’s proprietary suspension system.

The Elation Freedom’s Formula One-inspired, double-wishbone suspension was designed and produced in-house by the Elation Technology team. For Elation, the primary focus during suspension development was maximizing contact patch grip performance to ensure outstanding traction while providing a smooth, purist driving experience. Each component was built with design in mind—gracefully coming together to be both stunning to look at and flawlessly functional.

The company sets extremely high standards for safety. In pursuit of developing a purist automotive masterpiece, Elation’s engineering team designed the Freedom’s safety structures with advanced composite materials to ensure that our car exceeds the safety standards of both the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA)—the highest authority in global motorsports. These structures are subjected to digital load, vibration, and impact absorption studies. The parts are then run through rigorous physical tests, which verify digital findings. This testing system allows the Freedom’s carbon fiber monocoque chassis to achieve an astounding torsion rigidity of over 65,000 nm per degree while weighing in at approximately 180 lbs.

The Elation Freedom is an extremely exclusive work of automotive genius—the first of its kind to be developed in America.

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  Article Image gallery (8) Specifications