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M4 Competition Convertible
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  BMW M4 Competition Convertible      

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Country of origin:Germany
Introduced in:2021
Internal name:F83
Source:Company press release
Last updated:May 27, 2021
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Click here to download printer friendly versionBMW is proud to announce the third model in the M3 / M4 family – and the first all-wheel drive M4 Convertible to come from M GmbH. Open top motoring, thanks to the new soft-top, adds a new dimension of enjoyment to the already exhilarating performance of the new M4.

The new M4 Competition Convertible with xDrive channels the 503 hp and 479lb.-ft of torque developed by its S58 inline six-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo engine via an eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic and the M xDrive all-wheel drive system. The open-top, four-seater M4 promises and delivers an alluring design, luxurious appointments and everyday usability combined with track prowess.

One of the special features which shape both the exterior design of the new BMW M4 Competition Convertible with xDrive and its driving experience is the new panel bow soft-top.  This design combines the practical benefits of a retractable hardtop with the puristic aesthetic of a fabric roof – the best of both worlds. The panel bow soft-top is some 40 per cent lighter than the predecessor car’s retractable hardtop, effectively lowering the center of gravity of the new M4 Convertible, thus improving its agility. Its smooth surface and insulation provide the new roof with levels of acoustic and thermal comfort far superior to those of a conventional soft-top.

The design of the new soft-top combines large panel bow elements with a flush-fitting glass rear window, several layers of insulation and a fabric cover available in black or in Moonlight black, which gives the fabric a classy metallic shimmer, especially in direct sunlight. When closed, the innovative new roof creates a coupe-like roofline with the classical elegance of a soft-top. The fabric material lies flat on the joint-free arrangement of panel bow elements, meaning that neither their contours nor the soft-top frame is visible when viewing the roof from the outside. The soft-top pulls taut over the passenger cell when closed, which reduces wind noise in the cabin while optimizing the aerodynamic properties of the new BMW M4 Competition Convertible with xDrive.

Opening and closing the roof takes 18 seconds and can be performed at up to 31 mph. The three bow panels fold neatly into a compact Z configuration which can also be performed via the remote key thanks to the standard Comfort Access.

The compact dimensions of the folded soft-top increase cargo area to 9.0 cubic feet, an increase of 1.2 cubic feet over the previous M4 Convertible. The top features a safety mechanism which prevents it from being lowered if the trunk area is filled. A pass-through door in the rear seat allows for longer items to be carried inside the car.

The new M4 Competition Convertible with xDrive is 4.6 inches longer than the model it replaces. The wheelbase has grown by 1.8 inches and its width by 0.7 inches. The new M4 Competition Convertible with xDrive is also 1.4 inches wider than the new 4 Series Convertible.

Powerfully contoured surfaces and M-specific design features – crafted to optimize the supply of cooling air and sharpen aerodynamics – are a hallmark of M car design and the new BMW M4 Competition Convertible with xDrive is no exception. The differentiation between the new M model and the new BMW 4 Series Convertible on which it is based is more striking than in any prior generation. Aside from the doors, soft-top, trunk lid, window surfaces, headlights and rear lights, every part of the exterior is unique to the M model, an exercise in meeting the exacting demands to which a high-performance sports car must rise. “The design is strictly function-led, puristic and uncompromising in its reduction to the essential aspects,” explains Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. “But at the same time, it provides an emotionally powerful expression of the car’s character.”

At the center of the front-end design is the large, black, vertical frameless BMW kidney grille with the traditional M horizontal slats. A honeycomb mesh covers the large, two-section apertures on either side of the BMW kidney grille. These supply cooling air to the brakes and remote coolant radiators.

The lines of the front bumper and hood converge on the BMW kidney grille, as do the contours of the slim full-LED headlights with U-shaped fiber-optic light guides for the daytime driving lights. BMW Individual Shadowline lights, with darkened inlays adorning their upper edges, are also available as an option.

The most striking design feature alongside the prominently flared fenders of the new M4 Competition Convertible with xDrive are the extended side sills. Together with the aerodynamic components of the front and rear bumpers, which also jut out significantly, they form a high-gloss black band around the whole of the car. This functional, racing car-inspired design element, helps to further optimize the aerodynamic balance.

The M gills familiar from past and present cars are integrated neatly into the distinctive surfacing of the front side fenders. The M-specific exterior mirrors have been aerodynamically optimized and are painted in high-gloss black. The diffuser frames the exhaust system’s two pairs of 100 mm tailpipes.

Through constant development work, BMW M GmbH has boosted power in the new M4 Competition Convertible with xDrive by 59 hp and 73 lb-ft of torque over previous Competition package-equipped cars.

The Competition model’s S58 engine produces 503 hp at 6,250 rpm and 479 lb-ft of torque between 2,750 and 5,500 rpm and delivers 0 to 60 mph acceleration time of 3.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 155 mph, or 174 mph, with the optional M Driver’s Package. The engine can rev to a redline of 7,200 rpm.

The rigid closed-deck engine block features wire-arc sprayed cylinder liners to reduce both friction and weight. A forged, lightweight crankshaft reduces rotating mass to improve high rpm characteristics. The cylinder head features a 3D-printed core which allows for optimized coolant passage routing and weight reduction.

Forced induction is provided by two, mono-scroll turbochargers with electronically controlled wastegates and efficient air-to-water intercooling. The quick response of the wastegates allows for quicker turbocharger response and for more efficient function of the catalytic converters which are positioned close to the engine.

The High-Precision Injection system operates at over 5,000 psi, ensuring precise and very fine fuel atomization for not only more efficient power production but also improved emissions. BMW VALVETRONIC variable-valve timing and Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing do their part in the high-revving engines’ smooth and efficient power delivery.

The greatly increased torque of the M4 Competition Convertible with xDrive means that it is equipped with a standard M Steptronic automatic transmission with Drivelogic. Both automatic and manual modes are offered and can be controlled by the Drivelogic switch on the gear shift lever. Three automatic and three manual modes are available – comfort oriented, sporty and track focused. Each mode features quicker and more intense shifting to match the focus of the driver. Downshifts in automatic mode also feature engine rev-matching. A helpful feature for maximum acceleration in manual mode is the ability to downshift to the lowest gear possible by pulling the left steering wheel mounted-shift lever while simultaneously pressing down on the throttle.

The M xDrive all-wheel-drive system in the new BMW M4 Competition Convertible with xDrive uses an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch in the transfer case to ensure fully variable and super-smooth distribution of the engine torque between the front and rear wheels. The rear-biased system distributes torque between the front and rear axles via an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch. An Active M differential takes care of torque distribution at the rear axle. Torque is directed to the rear wheels during normal driving, providing the classic rear-wheel drive experience. Only when additional traction is required is torque sent to the front axle.

Both the M xDrive and Active M differential are connected directly to the Dynamic Stability Control System ensuring quicker responses in improving agility and controlling both understeer and oversteer.

The M xDrive system offers the drive a choice of three modes: 4WD – the default setting with rear-wheel biased torque distribution focused on traction and precisely controlled handling. 4WD Sport – directs greater percentage of torque to the rear during dynamic driving and is designed to work particularly well on track environments. 2WD – requires DCS to be turned off and affords experienced drivers a pure rear-wheel drive experience without any system intervention.

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  Article Image gallery (18) Specifications