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  Zenvo Aurora Tur      

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Country of origin:Denmark
Introduced in:2023
Engine type:Hybrid
Source:Company press release
Last updated:August 17, 2023
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Click here to download printer friendly versionNewly unveiled on the eve of Monterey Car Week, the Zenvo Aurora is a milestone moment. Aurora marks the lightest and most powerful road car Zenvo Automotive has ever produced, while also marking the start of a new era for the Danish brand, with a ground-up, all-new design of hypercar, with a genuine no compromise approach to performance.

Named after and the lightweight, fast, and beautiful nature of the rare light phenomenon, Aurora Borealis, the Zenvo Aurora is designed with driving pleasure in mind. An unfiltered connection from the driver seat to the road.

Built on an all-new ZM1 modular monocoque design from Zenvo, developed with carbon structure experts Managing Composites, every parameter is maximised to the threshold of limitations and compromise. As such, and to ensure no compromise between comfort and track focus, Aurora launches with two different approaches launched simultaneously. Each meet the uncompromising brief, while offering owners the option of which style of driving and design they prefer. The aggressively styled Aurora Agil is complimented by the beautifully elegant Aurora Tur.

Both models feature a flowing, aerodynamically led, chassis design, managing and channelling airflow cleanly over, under and through the structure itself. The clean lines of Tur are a grand touring variant, with a beautifully sculpted exterior and dynamics set up for stability and comfortable road driving. In contrast, the Agil bodystyle follows the same simplistic and elegant design philosophy, but is a more extreme translation, as the bodywork cleverly manages airflow. This delivers high levels of downforce, with a clear focus on track driving.

The clear target for the project has been to ensure Aurora delivers a true drivers’ car, rather than chasing numbers or focused on outright performance. The result is an uncompromised ideal which is, in itself, very Danish by design; simplistic, sculptural, efficient, and truly employs the design philosophies of ‘form following function’ with inspiration from Arne Jacobsen’s use of negative space. Every element has been thoroughly considered, every item serves a purpose, nothing is superfluous. An absolute focus on useability and driving pleasure ensures that every owner can enjoy each experience, no matter how short or extended, behind the wheel of Aurora.

“The Aurora project is best described as an equilibrium of extremes,” explains Chairman of the Board & Chief Commercial Officer, Jens Sverdrup. “Throughout the development phases, we have been very clear that we did not want to be chasing specific numbers or laptimes, as this can then cause a distraction or compromise when it comes to other areas. However, what was important, was the drive to push the Aurora to be on the leading edge of what could be achieved through pushing each element to the maximum in synchronisation with the others. We just wanted to build an uncompromised drivers’ car, which delivered on every level, but without any one aspect negatively impacting another. It was approached in a very Danish way, meaning every part is carefully considered, and we wanted to introduce this style and design philosophy to the hypercar segment. The outcome has given us two models, which complement each other, deliver true driving pleasure and, almost as a by-product, offer incredible performance.”

Danish design is globally recognised for its stylish simplicity and clean lines. The philosophy of ‘form follows function’, made famous through the elegant designs of designers such as Arne Jacobson, is a language that transcends industries and genres.

Now, for the first time, this honest and logical approach has been used by Zenvo in the hypercar market, as the Aurora models showcase the principles in two different ways.

Chief Designer, Christian Brandt, headed up the small team responsible for bringing Danish design to an all-new marketplace, building on the Zenvo legacy, and foundations for future models are set out. “At Zenvo, we have some very clear design cues, which are carried forward with Aurora, and the new design language pushes the limits of what we could do with the packaging and aerodynamics. We have also been very focused on ensuring that we kept things Danish – less is more, and very simplistic.

“The chassis and the components of Aurora are all works of art, and we made a very definite decision that we did not want to hide these details away under a monolithic design. It is like a complex timepiece or the skeletal architecture of a motorcycle, where the inner workings are the fascinating part, and we wanted to showcase as much of the chassis, the engine, and the suspension as we could.”

The Agil and Tur models clearly complement each other. Built around the same base architecture, designed to work alongside each other with key styling cues, each also stands alone as an individual design, serving a specific purpose in its own right. “As we progressed further through the programme, it became clear that one model design could not fit the bill for our ‘no compromise’ approach, as one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to hypercars. Talking with a variety of owners and collectors, and taking their advice and feedback on board, it identified that there are two distinct groups, whether the cars are driven or added to a collection. There are those who want comfort and luxury, combined with stability at high speed and the ultimate GT car, versus the other group who want high adrenaline, aggressive, track focused and firm,” adds Jens Sverdrup. “The most interesting piece of data we found within our research was that this split is exactly 50/50.”

Christian explains: “The Agil design was created first, working with a very logical and uncluttered approach to the complexities of aerodynamics. The outcome is a very Danish solution to managing air flow and generating downforce, which it does extremely effectively.”

The Tur delivers the same unwavering performance, but in a much more subtle and elegant manner. “It is more of the ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ approach with the clean, unassuming, but purposeful lines, but the final shape was something that came about very naturally,” adds Christian. “Once we had decided on two models, the Tur almost seemed to appear as the natural design – stripped back to the raw elements, with the bodywork looking as if it is simply draped over the chassis in places.

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  Article Image gallery (13) Specifications