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  Cadillac Sixteen

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Country of origin:United States
Produced in:2003
Introduced at:2003 Detroit Motor Show
Source:Company press release
Last updated:Before December 1st, 2004
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 miss cadillac 2003  
this has to be & is the most beautiful car in the world.its bound to win a beauty contest with ease.its broand front end, tall lights & elegant body styling make it look really beautiful.the designers have outdone themselves especially with the Bvlgari crystals in the dials, 24 inch wheels & loads of other luxury features.a job well done.now, the next best thing cadillac can do is bring the Sixteen into production.And soon as I just cant wait.i know it is easier said than done but who knows coz cadillac always turns up with astounding surprises.
after years designing well proportioned cars, cadillac started designing disproportioned sharp edged cars. The sixteen is very good example this. One positive thing is the interior. It looks excellent.
 The One!!!  
The Cadillac Sixteen is the next Batmobile when it comes to speed and design. The $ 2 million concept speaks for it self 1000 hp whoa what were they thinkin. It more powerful than McLaren F1
 I am in love  
I am in love with this girl. The only problem is she's only 16. But she is beautiful though. I want her so bad. Her name is Cadillac. I met her in Detroit. She was in a room full of guys, but she saw me. She had a little twinkle in her eye that kinda reminded me of light shining off of crystal. Yes, I am reffering to a car not just a car but the most beautiful car ever. Cadillac has done it again. V16 engine, silk floors, 24 in wheels, over 18 feet of black perfection, crystal in the grill. Charge what you will i want one now! Thank you car God!
 The engine  
beemer boy
Im no expert on cars and this is the first comment i've written after creating an account but when the engine shuts of its valves does'nt it cause alot of damage like starting up the car? What happens if you dont want the valves to shut on and off because you want to keep your car in a good condition. Do they do it automaticly or do you have the option of turning them on/off with a button. I really like bmw's but i was taken buy curiosity after reading an article in 'unique cars magazine' and wanted to find out more about the sixteen and its new engine. If anyone can answer my questions please do. Beemer boy
 It's all about image.  
"I'm not going to say that the cadillac sixteen is or isn't going to come out, but I'd like to point out a few things. Once you get to ultra luxury, as the sixteen will be, it's not so much about practicality, as it is about image. The car has SILK carpeting, how screwed would that be in a daily driver? A luxury car is all about impressing others with what your car can do or has. The main thing GM has to find out is if the oversized engine power is a major selling point for it's target audience of filthy rich people, or if the filthy rich are more interested in other things. A good fact to keep in mind is the production run of the original cadillac v16. Technicaly, throughout the engine's entire production run, Cadillac LOST money on it. Counting developement and production costs and all of that, cadillac was giving the v16s to people, however if you talk to almost any auto enthusiast, the V16 production run was the best thing Caddy ever did, it cemented there image as the world standard. All we really need to worry about is not practicality of the car or engines design, but whether there will be a large enough image boost for Caddy to offset the costs and efforts of actualy producing the car. Since I'm not even close to a target buyer, I can only sit and pray that they will end up producing this car, with the 16 cylinder beast inside. (if you're wondering where I got the information on the old Caddy v16 costing more to make than it sold for, the website is here http://www.car-nection.com/yann/Dbas_txt/V6note01.htm It's near the middle of the page, do a search for ""Cadillac calculated that each V16 cost more to build than to sell"" if you're too lazy to actualy read anything)"
I think that Cadillac should use the XV-16 engine in a race car, Le Mans, maybe. It should be turbocharged, though. I just don't think that any engine has reached full performance, no matter how much power it has, until it is fitted with forced induction. It'd be sweet to see a production version too.
Why isn't the Sixteen in production? It's way too good to not be in production. I don't think Cadillac has the right to make it their flagship without even producing it. Anyways...awesome car. I'd love to hear that purr. Probably ven better than my Lingenfelter Twin Turbo Vette-and this baby gets 0-60 in 1.97 1/4 mile in 8.95@ 165.63. Wow. Wow. Wow. Ow. Ow. Ow. SUPERB!!!
please please please build the Sixteen Cadillac this is what we want to see!!!! hey bob lutz u've already killed olds and the eldorado so we're begging u dont dissapoint us further by dangling this most beautiful of cars in front of our eyes and then not building it!
I must correct my last post and say that I don't completely hate turbo, I just don't like to see it sometimes, it often gets out of hand. This bias probably comes out of my affiliation with BMW, and their dislike of turbo. Also I share beliefs with Gordon Murray, who is somewhat anti-turbo, (and although the car is VERY impressive, he is also very anti-Veyron.)
 4 turbos.  
Yea, like you said, 4 turbos on a massive engine, but why are you surprised it makes all that power? I would hope it did. Big V8, you make a good point about reliability with large displacement. Not only is that one of the reasons that the OHV and just plain big engines are still around, but the quality of drive they will give sets them apart, as I'm sure you know. If say a BMW 3.2 I6 made 343 break horsepower, and 262 ft. lb. of torque, and then you took a V8 that made exactly the same horsepower and torque (though it is likely it would have more torque due to raw displacement) a comparison of the two engines in a similar chassis would reveal completely different behaviors and a totally different feel of drive. Both would have their ups and downs, and thats where its all about what you prefer. I like small engines, probably because I LOVE driving them fast, having to work to keep them in the meat of the powerband. It really feels like performance. But a V8, it can't be denied, the brute force pull and endless low end will get ANYONE lovin' it. Imagine the Sixteen, that would be like having a MOAB missile blow up under your ass. As for performances of those two cars you compared, yea there are all kinds of factors between V6 and V8 that cant be seen on paper, and turbo just F***ing complicates everything, I hate it, it's like cheater horsepower that is'nt really there.
 Stylish but Common  
People its 1000 horses in a cadillac not bad, but there are many cars out there that will and probably smoke it anywhere.The Sixteen i think is a hoax unless someone will go out and test drive it and give me some results but i dont think i will ever see them.1000 horses huh how bout 1001 try the Bugatti EB 164 Veyron. Now this car is by far the most exoticpowerful car i have ever seen in my life and its got 1001 ponies in it with four turbochargers!!!!!!W O W.
 weight distribution bigV8man  
um i hate to tell you this bigV8man but you've blurred the line between fact and fiction once again... from what I gather you got your statistics on the top speed of the SV8 and XR6 turbo from Wheels car magazine... and it does state that the top speed for the XR6 was 229km/h, in fifth gear* ... do you notice that asterisk? no? well that means that the speed limiter kicked in (its all there in the article) and wouldn't alow the car to go any faster , in the interests of safety but a shame non the less. Mind you speed limiters can easily be overcome if u know what you are doing. But I hardly see the comparison between the XR6 and the SV8 as the weight distribution is mich more favourable in the XR6 even with the all alloy LS1 placed in the SV8. Same thing goes for the Caddy... don't get me wrong i love the idea of 16 cylinders but does it really have to be >13liters... even if you switch off half the pistons you still have the wieght of all the moving parts not to mention all that friction... the car propably wastes most of its fuel just propelling it self not to mention the car (which is beautifully sculptured)... it seems as though GM are taking a hot rodding approach to their range. Of course the push rod is reliable and is simple to maintain but does not make it comparable to far superior feats of engineering. Thats like saying why change... its good enough the way it is, thats quite boring when you think about it... I'd really hate to see manufacturers persisting with push rod engines in 20yrs or so coz thats almost going back in time...
"cheers senna, didn't know that. i'm considering myself suitably told off. still i reckon the nations cup monaro is a beast, i would choose it over the diablo gtr. fredzy i see what your saying with the 'you can do more with less' comment, however try not to take to much notice of me going on about how high displacement's are better. i'm just a bit of an old fashioned petrolhead who, just like everyone else, doesnt know everything. my point about these large capacity engines is that they tend they tend to be able to handle high amounts of power better than smaller engines. lets just say you wanted an 600hp engine, if you asked me i would say tune an LS1 V8 to 600hp with its 5.7 litre capacity as opposed to tuning 600hp out of a 3 litre inline 6 with DOHC and the fancy valve timing etc, as asking 600hp from something with a capacity as low as 3 litres may be a little too much to ask and you probably wouldn't get the reliability from the engine that you would like, where as the LS1 would be able to handle much more and would give you much more reliable power. one of my favourite quotes is ""theres no replacement for displacement"" which i basically swear by. a classic example of this would be the battle between the holden VY commodore SV8 and the ford BA falcon XR6 turbo. the xr6 turbo has more power and just a tiny bit less torque, and seeing the stats on paper, you might think they would be about just as fast, but then the xr6 turbo does 229km/h top speed, but then the sv8 does 263km/h. a 34km/h difference is quite big and you wouldn't really expect it considering its power & torque similarities with its rival. the only explanation i can come up with is that you just cant beat cubic inches. so thats my theory"
 """U"" have the wrong idea"  
"The engines in corvettes, be they racecars or not, as well as the engine in the Sixteen ar by no means low-tech. They're an old concept, but one that does work well. They are, however outclassed in many ways by new engine technology. The Corvetter C5-R may ""beat"" the Diablo GTR, (wherever that came from) but there are certainly more factors to it's race dominance than it's engine. In terms of thermodynamics (energy transfer) and power, engines with 4 valves, and especially variably timed valve engines make much better use of their fuel and displacement. Just because something aint' broke, doesnt mean it don't need fixed, ya know. There is no denying that big bores and strokes add up to lots of go, but if you can do more with less, in more ways than one, there's no reason not to. 16 cylinders and 13 liters is just a big joke. Thats almost as bad as quad turboing 12 cylinders."
 hey bigV8man know what you're talking about before you comme  
senna 4 ever
The Lamborghini Diablo GTR was leading in the race at the australian grand prix nations cup meet until a backmarker bumped into the back of the Lamborghini Diablo GTR and ruined the race win for the Paul Stokkel in the Diablo,so be quiet.
 u cant beat a pushrod  
who really cares that the technology of the engine is old, it still works, better than most engines of today. its a lot cheaper with fuel. cheaper to maintain and fix, and it can still give you basically the same power just as easily, so who cares how many valves it has. the nations cup monaro raced in the australian grand prix a few months ago and its powered by a 7 litre LS1 pushrod V8 with 2 valves per cylinder, a lot would call that old technology, but guess what, it beat the lamborghini diablo GTR, which nobody is going to argue is old technology. i suppose that says something for this so called 'old technology', so if you think a car company isnt getting with the times by using pushrods and sohc, then get over it
 simply what everyone wanted  
The cadillac sixteen all I can say is thank you god I was never as happy to see a car as I was when I saw that machine roll on the show room floor. Every thing about the car is great but one thing and that is the fact that it is a four speed automatic come on cadillac please do me and a lot more people a favor and make a manual transmission option. PLEASE!!!!!! just this one time. Other than that there is nothing I think anyone will complane about becouse it is a awsome car.
 Its all about the Flagship  
"Cadillac is the Flagship of GM. If they were to produce this Sixteen, they would be making a much greater statement than they could ever achieve with the DeVille. Don't get me wrong, the DeVille is awesome; beautiful ride and more passing power than a Stang GT with the same size engine. However not many people know how great the DeVille is. The Sixteen would be a statement that GM matters and can produce a better example of power and refinement than Lexus, Mercedes, or BMW. The luxury and personal statement would surpass that of the Maybach and even, dare I say, Rolls Royce. $250,000 for this would be a steal. You say its not refined with OHV technology. Consider this, the car will achieve the 20 mpg or better becuase it can runon 16, 8 or even 4 cylinders. Check out the Caddy website. What does that mean? How about a 250 hp 3.4L four banger? Or a 500 hp 6.8L 8 cylinder? Suddenly it sounds more refined than a BMW, more powerful than a Viper, and that's not using all cylinders! If it cost GM $300,000 each to build 10 of these per year they should do it. I guarantee the Viper gained little if any profit in its first years and look what it did for Dodge. I embodied a new vision, a new level of design and quality, and frankly saved the company. Not that GM needs saving, but this would put Cadillac at the top again, and the rest of GM would be along for the ride. On a final note, why this instead of the Cien. Think of what comes to mind when you think Cadillac. The Sixteen is the Cadillac philosophy that has carried down for 100 years. To compare the current flagship, the DeVille is a luxury car not because it has hundreds of doo-dads (BMW) or the sport tuned suspension to win a street race (Lexus). It is true luxury, an environment that strives to make you the driver or passenger so comfortable and at ease that you look forward to the trip, not the destination. The Sixteen is this and so much more, an ultimate statement that no-one can deny. Imagine getting in the back seat of the Sixteen and your friend or driver takes you down the boulevard at 25 mph, only four 850 cc cylinders quietly murmuring. Your friend puts on his signal, slowling depresses the gas and 4 more cylinders chime in as the Sixteen rumbles up to 35 with a throatier purr than has ever been experienced by any of the open mouthed onlookers. The Sixteen hasen't even gotten close to all that it can give and you are in the back seat. And yet you are on top of the world. What other car can do that? What other car can inspire so? Even if you don't like it, you must admit the Sixteen taps into a mysticism you haven't felt often since you were a kid. GM really needs to tap into that. Even if only the Donald Trumps can buy the Sixteen, everyone else will want it and get the next best GM thing."
 Hey Senna:  
It must suck knowing that all your DOHC and VVTi and V-tech rides from Japan and even some from Europe get their asses kicked by a pushrod Ls1 Corvette. If a corvette can still get 30mpg on the highway in 6th gear at 65mph then WHO CARES how many valves or cams it has? Or what the size of the engine is? All you technology freeks are so ignorant. All you care about is that an engine looks sophisticated on paper. With sophisticated honda and Toyota crap comes expensive repair and upgrade cost. It must suck for you Rice-burner fans to know that it'll will cost YOU $40,000 to have a 600hp Eclipse plus the cost of the car when I can buy a paxton supercharger and put it on my $5000 Camaro and have the same amount of power for less than $15,000 TOTAL!!!
 how amazing ,really amazing ,NOT !!  
senna 4 ever
why the old world technology with 2 valves/cylinder, OHV .Get with the times General Motors.We live in 2003 engine design has come a long way since the original V16 from the 1930s.
This is the kind of innovation we need to move the car industry forward. Definately an excellent car an excellent engine and an excellent idea. Now cadillac just needs to make this. The uniqueness of this car makes the powerful statement that cadillac needs. Ooh they should cram this engine into the cein. This engine is actually lighter than curnet V8s used in GMs trucks soo... I think you can get the picture.
I have a strong feeling that this car, may go into production, if cadillac is really serious about stepping it up, and making a worldwide name for themself, this car, as well as the cien will go into production. This car is amazing, just in the sense that it has the highest sense of luxury which is great if you want to be chauffered around, but should you decide to get behind the wheel, the 13.6 L v-16 with its 1000 horsepower and equal number of torque is plenty to play around with.
 Compare it with who???  
McLaren F1
Why do you guys compare it with Maybach i dont even know if its actually a sport 5 seater or a Maybach one???
 They must produce it  
I have a feelin' this car will go into production....cus from what I read on a Mercedes spy site....Benz is plannin' 2 put a V24(made from 2 existin' V12 blocks) on the Maybach models in the near future...So this would b one competitor 4 the Maybach ....
 Oh well.  
The Sixteen is by all means a beutiful car, but I fear that like most all impractical concept cars within a couple years this car will be but a fond memory in the back of a few car lover's minds.
 about the door handles  
"i cant remember who it was that asked about the door handles but anyway they are ""shaved"" which means that they are either operated by a keypad (like the ones that operate the lock, and unlock on many cars), or by a little switch underneath the car. (It is pretty common on lowriders)I hope that helped"
Hey, not disagreeing with you or anything, but there is not '72 Hemi-Cuda. '71 was the last year of the hemi, in 72 emissions laws killed em.
 I hope...  
I hope this car does make it to production. It is an interesting idea to bring back the v16. As for the V12 stuff I read from some... Why would they do that? Jaguar already had a V12 way back, and I doubt that GM would want to be thought of as copying Jaguar(now a division of Ford). The innovativeness of the 16 and the sheer upscale nature of it might help draw business. As far as the environmental aspect of fuel consumption, I don't know if it's a true issue. Interestingly enough it wouldn't be too far fetched to think that they might even consider using alchohol as a fuel. Heck the 1000 hp dragsters do it(but to be fair they only do it for short bursts, and rebuild the engine after each use). But like somebody else already said,(paraphrasing) if you have to worry about fuel consumption, you probably cannot afford the car. I wouldn't say that the muscle cars aren't prevalent any more. Vipers are still on back order at Dodge(unless you want the one off the lot) as are Plymouth Prowlers, even with their six figure prices. I admit that these new NIMrods(Nippon Imported Motors) are fairly prevalent, but most of those interested in those would likely go crazy for a '72 Hemi-Cuda, or the Judge(1969 Pontiac GTO with ram-air induction) or the Shelby Cobra 427. The reason more muscle cars aren't on the road is that there just aren't as many of them available. They most definately are on the road here in AZ. I think the reason NIMrods became so popular is the lack of truly exciting vehicles from the American auto manufacturers. Sure in Europe this one would be an extremely difficult vehicle to afford/drive/park/etc. But then there are vehicle displacement taxes on engines over a certain size, roads that it wouldn't fit on and so on. But you aren't likely to see Suburbans, Excursions, Durangos etc. over there either. In essence you don't like the same kinds of vehicles we like. big deal.
 question about design  
the cadillac sixteen looks awesome but where are the door handles???
 i saw it today now read this!  
IF you love cars then you like me would have driven 400miles to the auto show to see the car. WHAT A MARVEL!! and what a car. I dont care how many CC or L it is and why it only manages to produce the 1000hp from a 13.L engine. That is the least/last thing about the care you will tell to some one if you own it one day ( i wish i do! ) cuz you see the care n u r in love with it with just the look n thought of having 16pistons going up n down with 6 at a time n 25Inch whells in the back and 24 in the front! n the design i bet this will be one of the most remembered concept car ever made if it doesnt goes into limited production which is estimated to be less than 180 and u say its long HELL NO! look at the MACBACH 62 i saw that today too now that is what is a london double deceker look a like expect it is more comfy hehe. NOW THAT IS A BIG LONG CAR but the CADII IS CADI U MOVE TO CALI N DRIVE IT IN BAVERLYHILLS Or the plain open cruzing roads of nivada. Then you will know why such things are built. US IS the best place if u r a car lower every weather every kind of road is here! I LOVE THIS COUNTRY LONG LIVE THE USA AND THE PRESIDENT EISEN HOWER ( the man who made the interstates roads in the US )!
 another opinion  
"Personally I don't think that the STS will have any design cues from the Sixteen. My idea is based on the following quite simple reason: This one is meant to beat the Maybach and co. while the STS will go on ""beamer hunt"" and even take some Mercs, too. However this is only possible, if Caddy brings the best of quality and something about those Cien, Evoq, Vizon, Imaj (outta this world cutting edge design) Hopefully it will. The STS has to deliver big time. And I guess it will. The expectations are quite high. Everybody wants to see cadillac right on top, where it belongs, to be the Standard of the World again. I think it might get that V12 GM's working on, and all the gizmos they showed in these concepts. But like i said, this is only an opinion."
"My first thought for this car is that it should be the next STS (in some lesser form). And then I thought about it and, you know what? The next STS will probably be something very similar to the Sixteen. It will simply give all those people like yourselves (those who have the $) the chance to step up to those statements of ""man, if I had the bank I'd buy this in a heart beat."" If my prediction holds true, which might come Super Bowl Sunday (the day caddilac.com promises more surprises), then Cadillac will have the most desirable car in its class and a bonified cash cow with which to (re)build the true American lux-car dynasty."
 The Kitty  
"Ah the Sixteen! First, the elements of common reason should be removed from any equation used to assess the validity of such a project. I say ""common"" reason, because a vehicle such as the Sixteen is designed to operate in a world that is not accessible to common folks such as myself. If the Sixteen were actually available today, I personally wouldn't be able to pass the financial verification procedure required to get into the showroom, so it's doubtful I'll ever see one up close and personal. However, I'd sure have my nose pressed up against the showroom window glass until I was chased away by the armed security guard! Any considerations for such things as environmental issues (emissions), natural resource utilization(fuel consumption) or general practicality (top speed, torque, et al) are also not relevant to any discussion of such a vehicle. The market the Sixteen would (or hopefully will) play in, is one where these concepts simply aren't going to considered factors. I'm not saying I embrace the situation, just that it is a reality I acknowledge. Having said that, I hope that the Sixteen makes it to the streets in it's current configuration, 16 cylinders, 1000 ponies and all! I'm in my mid 50's so I grew up in an era when the automobiles's ""mojo"" was comprised of huge portions of the mystique around ""cool"" and ""liberation"". I had an uncle who worked at GM in the 50's and I can remember him talking about how Cadillac used to have a ""mystery engine"" that was kept ready for production should another car manufacturer come out with vehicle with an engine bigger than the one in the Caddie of the day! As a youngster, I had opportunities to ride in some of the great Caddies of the 50's and the feelings those experiences evoked were literally awesome. I was privileged to own one Caddie in my life. It was a 67 Sedan De Ville. Although not the top-of-the-line, that Cat rode as smooth as sitting on the couch in the living room and the performance was incredible! As an adult, the Caddie still evoked those same feelings that are really too complex to easily articulate. Anyway, the reason I took the time to submit a comment about the Sixteen is that I applaud Cadillac for engaging in such a project and felt compelled to throw in my penny's worth. I believe it's all good. If the Sixteen makes it to the street, it's presence isn't going to be in numbers significant enough to have any negative impact on the planet. In fact, the engine displacement management technology being deployed will no doubt become prevalent in big Sedans and SUV's throughout the auto industry, until the combustion engine is ultimately retired for lack of the means to feed it. As was stated earlier, the arena in which the Sixteen will play is not one where the Geo Metro or the Honda Hybrid will be found. And if your gonna get into the ring with a Lamborghini or a Massaratti, why not go in with the intent of kicking butt! I'm certain I'll never know what it feels like to drive a vehicle that is so full spectrum as to leave all the rich folk at the country club absolutely agape while at the same time is capable of blowing anything off of the street and can muster enough torque to literally jerk my house off of it's foundation! I fully realize that a lot of the appeal of such things are deeply rooted in some primitive machismo that can be traced back to prehistoric times. So what could be better than flipping some rich snoot the bird while you blow his Mercedes into the ditch with your Sixteen! Happy motoring everyone!"
You all are talking about this car as if it is going into production or something!! I can asure you this will never go into production no matter what although the Cien will! What is wrong with the engine. It is just 13000CC. It is not 13000L so what is all this engine problem about. Cadillac is just trying out new engines. Why can't they make big engines like what they use to do last time. Cadillac would scare dodge if they are going to carry on building supercars like this and i really respect that, in fact i really like the thought of dodge being afraid! The other thing cadillac would do is keep all of you busy seding crap comments about their engines like as if are going to built it and you all are going to buy the car!!!
 speed limits?  
"Oh shut up about ""no one needs this much power"" cause no one needs microwaves to cook your meal in 5 minutes, 500 TV Channels, or home/car stereos with 1,000 watts of power. There are a lot of things that we don't really need, but we love em just the same. Now, I'm not so sure everything here will make it to production, but I really do love the idea. 1000 ponies? HELL YEAH!!! Now one guy stated this car would be truely american, for american roads. Now, to his comments on turning, I say 4wheel stearing. But this car will be marketed around the world, with some 80-90% to the U.S. Now about speed limits; who gives a rats butt? Ever been to the mid west? How about the south west? Ya know what the maximum safe speed is out there? A lot of times, it's as fast as car your car can go. Because there as so few people out there, that it doesn't really matter. We all got things we don't need man. But just like so many other aminaties that millions upon millions of us enjoy everyday, this just makes things a little nicer."""
 Cool but unrealistic  
i must admit this is a very tight car, but who needs it? why would somebody need this much power to make great time to get from one stoplight to the other? in the real world, one can only go so fast (you know, a speed limit), so do we really need a car that can get up to 65 in under 1 sec.? now if your an F1 or NASCAR driver I could understand. so, this just isn't a logical car for the road, only for the racetrack.
 Why complain.....  
I'm not sure why so many people are crying about V-16,1000hp,13liters. Those are numbers any car lover wold get giddy about! I check but I don't remember anybodu complaining about the Viper's V-10,500hp, 8.3 liters. That is a gas guzler. By the way....IF you could fit the bill for the car, the last thign you would worry about was gas mileage.
 Why complain.....  
I'm not sure why so many people are crying about V-16,1000hp,13liters. Those are numbers any car lover wold get giddy about! I check but I don't remember anybodu complaining about the Viper's V-10,500hp, 8.3 liters. That is a gas guzler. By the way....IF you could fit the bill for the car, the last thign you would worry about was gas mileage.
 only in america  
i cant imagine this car being driven in europe (espcially Britain), its jus far too big and monsterous for our lil roads!! lol,....parallel parking this in a road,somewhere in central london, would be impossible!! and it probably has a bigger turning circle then a london bus!! lol This is one purely for america.. I wonder what the handling is like?? most cars that are heavy and have loadsa power are difficult to manuver, and handle like a retared elephant, at least the veryon has AWD and is mid engined, this slick beast is front engined!! puttin a 1000bhp, 13 liter engine in the front of the car means its gonna need a wide road to turn into, but then again most peple who would buy this car live in america and dont give a sh#t about the handling lol ....only in america!!!! lol
 age means jack  
"Don't give me your ""older wiser"" retorhic, your the same age as my older brother and I know all about the whole bills and car payments thing. And because some one's 19, doesn't mean they don't know what they're talking about. You wanna know what it's like to manage money? Try being poor. Time can teach you alot, but so can expeirience. A car person as your self, of all people, should realize that sometimes, it's not the years, it's the miealage. I may only be 19, but I've grown up VERY fast, so don't underestimate the youth. Time and time again I prove peope just like you wrong, and I'll continue to do so. I'm not just another punk kid who doesn't know what he's talkin bout. I read, I research, and I don't beleive everything that's fed to me; I can spot the bullsh!t. You work in the autoindustry huh? Doing what? But that doesn't matter really; your still missing the point of my primary statement. Is 16 liters possible? Yeah; and one day it will be a reality. But not at 13 liters. Like I said, that kind of displacement is obsurd. Even with 1,000 ponies it's still discracefull for a supposedly high end marque to require a massive 13.6 liters. Is it possible? Yes. But I wouldn't bet any money on it."""
 Hey Fingers, you have seen...  
The Bugatti W16? dumb question, i know, but it does prove that someone in a big company can see fit to stick one crazy engine into a crazy car. it should be a hoot, as should the Caddy. Let's just hope Bob Lutz is as good as everyone thinks he is.
 19 and it shows!  
"Well, well, well! Your youth is given away by your inability to stay calm under fire! As far as my retention of what I read, I know better! Your comprehension of life is closely related to your comprehension of the auto industry. I am pleased that so many of you commented on my reaction to BlackSunshine and this vehicle and yes alot of information in my original comment stemmed from the NewsWeek article. It was well written and presented the facts about the man and the car. For those of you who think that my knowledge or understanding of the vehicle industry is limited because of my remarks, think what you will. I own or have owned a number of desirable vehicles and I'm not 19. I never put an engine in a '64 Dart because I never had a '64 Dart. As far as the V12 of Cadillac...you will see it in a production model in the very near future. The V16 will also make it to production! Cadillac is returning to the core of what made them ""The Standard of the World"" Large Cars, Large Engines, LUXURY. Cadillac has received an adrenaline shot with the Escalade and the reception of that vehicle with the very young, hip and recently coming-into-money rap and hip-hop crowd. The profit from that division and that vehicle has prompted the higher-ups at GM to look more closely at the viability of putting Cadillac back on top through brand awareness!!! Yes, Cadillac's core crowd and loyalist are old money big car people...but if you keep building cars that only appeal to old people, before long you run out of customers. New money, although not nearly as stable is spent much more freely so you will have the vehicles that are extremely pricey being sold to rap artists that want something over-the-top. On the flip side, you will also have the dignitaries, athletes etc that will always want the best that is offered and to flaunt it. After all, what good does the money really do you if people don't know you have alot of it. BlackSunshine, maybe in a few years when you are actually an adult with real world responsibilies and car payments and children and a wife and a home and blah, blah, blah...then maybe we can have a conversation about money, and vehicles and the industry. No offense to you but I have money and vehicles and work in the industry that we are talking about...by the way that is my second career. I retired from my first career five years ago at the ripe age of 30. When you can buy a car like this instead of dream about it or you drive a car like this instead of picture yourself in one...we have nothing in common and nothing more to say to each other. To the rest of you, I hope that you have been moderately entertained by the rhetoric between myself and BlackSunshine but duty calls. When another vehicle moves me like this one...I'll be back!"""
Ok, first of all people are speculating already about the idea of a V-16. It's not an impossible idea for production, and I did my research and found out that it gets 20 mpg!!! From a 1000 hp thats incredible. Next, Fingers needs to learn a thing or two, because a 13 liter engine putting out that much power is in itself incredible, because I can think of a number V-12 cars that can only muster up to about 600 hp or and definetly dont get 20 mpg. Give credit where its due. The design team came up witha powerplant that is not impossible. And for the $250,000 price tag, none of us will be buying one so lets just sit and see who ends up buying one, because those are gonna be the people that decide if Cadillac is back on top, because if you ask me, anything as unique as this car should be on top, and only an American name like Cadillac should be on top.
 I Think he's referring to...  
The notion that big engined American cars are Dinosaurs, and that the new and improved is the way to go. I do feel that every engine has it's context though, and the Sixteen's 16 is swell with me.
 Who's dino.....  
... and when did he die? And what the hell do muscle cars have to do with this? The wealth of the autoindustry doesn't rest in the pockets of the youth. Far from it infact. Ya know what generates more profits per vehicle sold? Truck and SUV's. Ya know the 2nd fastest growing class of cars? Luxury cars. Now I don't know about you, but I'm 19 and I sure as hell can't afford a new car of anykind. I'm still rebuilding the motor to put in my 64 Dart. And here's another wake up call. You talk to your average auto enthusiasts under 25 and you'll realize something. That while those compact tuners get alot of attention, their ganna fade away. Most of them will tell you flat out, they'd rather have a ventige mucle car, a real (read V8) Mustang, or GM F body instead of one of those pocket rockets. Ya know why? Cause those cars have no soul. Look at a 60's American car, one that's got a big block V8, and what do you find? You find passion, emotion, the irrisistable rumble at idle, and the knee weekining roar of pure performance, a work of art, and a peice of history. That's not ganna die man, but with any luck, it will be reborn. You miss the point of this car and babble too much about roller skates (say what?) and Dino (who?). A car like this isn't about proffits. It's about creating a brand image. And icon to identify with. Through this proffits will follow.
In my view it is the image-maker, that Cadillac needs desperately! It will overcome the RR, the Maybach and the Horch in no time - no question about that, and those 1000 horses aren't so exaggerated either. In a prestige-war if VW could do it, GM couldn't?! C'mon let's get serious. I'm not so sure about the 16 cylinders though. I also think they're gonna come up with 12. May Lutz prove I'm wrong. And about the design. It's the most American thing since the pop art. It doesn't have that aristocratic nonesense attitude, but it has one of the cleanest and most elegant lines the auto industry came up with in the last hundred years or so. Why waste the words, it's simply a Cadillac. Like it should be. With Style...
 Dino's died out..................  
It is not just a little late for car manufacturing to go down this road but very late. You just dont get it boys and girls. The mussle car is dead, the rollerskate is in. It isnt just the hp or the looks anymore. It is the day of the little outlaws. The day of making 4 cylinders do what 8 used to do. The day of right hand drive i the US and street racing. Eventually even Nascar will be affected by these mighty midget rollerskates, why you ask? Because the auto markets profits are found in the hip pocket of the youth and not even your v16 dino can turn their heads. In reality you are lost and so out of touch. I am a machinist, daily i manufacture injector parts and watch my future going away as i watch the youth around me taking their street racing very seriously. Point, they use carburators rather than injection on their little air pumps.
 this is awesome  
This car is the coolest thing I ever seen... I want one , nut the price tag maybe REALLY large (to say the least), When I first saw some pictures of this car my first thought was a modern day Bat-mobile, being the power so high and how sleek it is. cadillac has outdone themselves with this one, I give them a lot of credit.
 It just might work  
This is an insane concept. Beautiful, but insane. In the real world, there is no justification for that engine. As an exercise in brand values though, it is exactly what Cadillac has been needing for more years than I care to remember. And Bob Lutz is talking about this car in serious, if limited, production terms,and going by his history, he'll make it happen. If it goes into production and they can overcome the bugbear of poor build quality that has dogged American cars, Cadillac will regain its long lost status as a serious contender among the makers of the world's finest cars.
"Are you bloody retarted? First off, shut up about spelling, I'm dislexic. Second, your the one who is clueles. I am firmly aware of who Bob Lutz is and what he's done. I know all about his past progects. You obviously weren't paying much attention to any of my statements. Before you critisize grahmer and spelling perhaps you should practice your comprihension. What I was commenting on did not have to do with the possibility of a future production model based on this concept. What I said was that the if it does make it, it will go through vast amounts of changes hear and there. One of thos changes will be the engine. Ya wanna know why? Cause 1,000 horses out of 13.something liters is pathetic. A motor that big is large enough to power a tank. Is a V16 possible? Yes, entirely possible. But a 7.3 (or something like that) V-12, is much more possible, ya know why? BECAUSE IT'S ALREADY GOING THROUGH TESTING STAGES! Right now only in the Escalade because it's the only thing in Caddy's current line up that will hold it. If they make a V16, it will be about 1/2 this size, +/- .5 liters. Knowing Lutz, there's a good chance he'll try and push a V16, and I certainly hope he succedes. But if you asked me to make a bet, I'd put down serious money that we'll see that V12 (or one derived from it) much sooner than a V16, and we'll never see this particular V16, not in the next 15 years anyways, even with displacement on demand. And for the comment about smaller cylinders in a V16; with 13 liters, that's about the same size cylinder as a 6.5 liter V8, cylinders arnt any smaller there. I'm not trying to be rude to the person who made the comment, just stating an opposing opinion. Fingers however, you need to go back to the 6th grade and maybe learn the basics reading comprehension; maybe that way you will understand what a member is stating in his post. In your haste to prove some one else lack of information, you infact prooved little but your own cluelessness. Cause either you didn't know about the V12 that's already near the end of it's development, or you were foolish enough to beleive that Cadillac wouldn't use a near production ready V12 in a car that they need to boost their image. So who's the one who doesn't know what their talking about Fingers? It aint me, this time. """
 Now here's something worth while!!!  
Would you look at that?? It's probably not a very practical machine (don't want to even start imagining how much gas this thing guzzles), but it is probably the most beautyfull machine I've ever set my eyes on for a long time!!! And the power figures are out of this planet!! Anyway, I don't see cadillac ever putting this into production. Maby with a smaller engine (but only maby). It's still an incredible machine.
 ego booster  
Judging from comments the role this car has to play is that of ego-booster of the American industry, just to convince the public that WE can also make top luxury cars. Just wondering if this is something to be proud of.
 Fingers... give credit where it is due!  
Fingers... give credit where it is due! If you are going to pretend that you are more educated than the rest of us (sposed is shorthand for supposed) than maybe you should pull you facts from more than one source: All the info in your comments came directly from NEWSWEEK magazine. I read it on a plane ride both to and from Vegas this weekend. Everything you said is taken from that one article - (1) Lutz started the Explorer / Viper / PT Cruiser (2) it has been 62 years since Cadillac made a v.16 stock (3) the rest of the info you stole and did not credit. Cadillac NEEDS to build this car as a 16. Otherwise it is a copy of the competition, and not the statement of power that it needs to be. The Escalade (another class I know) has given them some credit, but for the high end customer, they need this car as a 16. Since it will have the 'Displacement on Demand' tech in it, it will have much less problems with emissions and gas mileage. Does it need 1000 horses. Not really, but I say if you are going to do something to show off your power and abilities - mkae it as big as you can :) BTW, Terry Bradshaw spoke at the Vegas convention I was at, and afterwards in the MGM Casino, I asked if he would ever own one. He said he has been looking into it, and we spoke for 5-6 minutes on the topic. Nick
 She is sixteen and I am sixteenth commentator.  
This machine would be fast and furious..... I would love to own it! It don't matter how much money and efforts GM has to put into this one, THEY SHOULD BUILD IT. Like the other commentor's are saying, we need an American Luxury competing and beating foreign Luxuy Cars. Bob- Great Job dude!! We are waiting for the news of Sixteen going into Production. You better get excited about Cadillac shining on World Stage with this cool Product!!
Finally! Ever since Cadillac stopped making Cadillacs back in '96 when they dropped the big Fleetwood, they have been in desparate need of a distinctive top of the line sedan. The Euro-sedans, trucks and sportscars may have kept the badge alive, but they don't measure up to the Cadillac tradition. Whether it comes in a V8, V12, or V16 Cadillac NEEDS to produce this car!
 I like it...  
In fact, I love it. My current car is a 96 impala ss that I've modded to run 11's and I still pass emissions with ease - I have no problem believing Cadillac can pass emissions with this engine. 16 cylinders certainly has a connection to the past, but there are valid engineering reasons for 16 cylinders - more cylinders means a smaller combustion area which means a more efficient burn. Also, if only 8 cylinders are actually burning fuel during normal operation, then you are going to have a lot of extra air in the exhaust, which will a) dilute the emissions from the working cylinders and b) provide lots of air for the catalytic converters to use to burn emissions. Somebody commented that 1000hp was too much. Dude, my car has 520hp and it ain't enough. I love it when some Cobra or M3 tries to get a piece of me and I leave them eating my dust. If I were driving that car, all the Ferraris and Lamborghinis could kiss my butt - going down the interstate, anyway. My favorite thing about the styling is how [I]American[/I] it looks. It's different from anything else out there. The Japanese luxo cars, especially, have a tendacy to steal design cues from the Europeans. This car is 100% American, and I really like that. I drive a big, fast car now and the Sixteen is certainly something I'd like to move up to, if I ever hit the lottery. Lastly, I have to agree with everyone else on the possibility of actually building the dang thing. I just don't think GM has the balls to build it.
This car should be built...PERIOD! It is about time Detoit grows balls big enough to take on the Maybach, Bentley, Rolls etc. Robert Lutz is a genius and I hope that he can convince the Detroit crowd that the best vehicle to come out of Detroit should be built!!
 Black Sunshine has been eclipsed!!!  
"Obviously, your knowledge about this vehicle and this project is as limited as your ability to properly construct your comments! (SPOSED-what does this word actually mean?) To give you a little history lesson...Robert Lutz (the genius that built this vehicle) happens to be the same genius that brought us the Ford Explorer (regardless of your opinion, it did start the SUV boom), the Dodge Viper and the PT Cruiser were also projects that Lutz gave the green light to. If there is one person in Detroit capable of getting a masterpiece like the Cadillac Sixteen built...it is Bob Lutz (he happens to be GM's Vice Chairman and Chief of Product Development). Furthermore, in the 62 years since Detroit has built a 16 cylinder engine alot has changed but certainly will not stop changing just because people are sobbing tears about gas mileage, or bitching about production feasability! (Nobody really ever thought that Mercedes would build the Maybach-""too expensive"" ""too big"") Oh by the way, the Maybach's entire first production run is sold out!!!!! Make no mistake about this...what the world saw as a concept in Detroit this year is in fact a driveable and fully operational vehicle...and Lutz built it! If there is a prayer of any us being able to be graced by such an automobile, GM's Lutz will make it happen. It may be interesting for you to learn that GM has committed $4 Billion to reviving Cadillac so do not discount the possibility of this amazing machine being built. I am not sure what your background in the vehicle industry is, but you should investigate more thoroughly before you make such ridiculous comments about this remarkable machine. I suggest that you spend a little more time educating yourself rather than to ridiculously remark about something that you are so clueless on!!!! """
It is probably because of the size of the wheels (24 inch I have been told) that memories of pictures of the Bucciali spring to mind. This was a french supercar built in the 30ties, which came in various versions, the most extreme one being the Double Eight, fitted with two parallel 8 in-line Continental engines. If you just look at the pictures (try Google and you will probably arrive at the Vintage European Car website) these cars also appear to be all wheels, with some raised parts of the body where people are supposed to sit.
 Motorhead and the Cien.  
Motorhead, i am sorry top burst you're bubble, but the cien was cancelled ages ago, there was just no way they could do it. The build would have had to take place in England, and the cars only sold in America, they couldn't justify a low-build The Sixteen is also in the same boat, i fear, the tech of a V16 engine may be something that is out of the grasp of Cadillac, i think the engine, thoguh significant for the past, also fires a shot at VW's Bugatti W-16 veyron, as VW and GM don't have the best of corporate relationships...
"An engine that big will never make production in todays market place. This particular motor is imaterial at best. It's a throw back to the original, nothing more. If they do make a 16 cyliner caddy (12 cylinder is far more likely), it will probably be made from two small V8's. It wont be near this big, nor would power output be near this high. The reason for the huge motor and awesome power is once again a throw back to the original V-16's. Cadillac offered an unparralleled combination of luxury and performance in those cars; this is sposed to be their modern iteration, hence the numbers. But once again, it's a freakin concept, if anything similiar to this car makes production it will undergo massive changes in all areas."""
 To Be Honest  
This car is great, big engine spells R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Without a doubt, this car will be considered a super high class vechicle. However, there is something I seriously, seriously hate about this car. Maybe its because of that big engine going to a waste. That engine will be heart of the price tag which will get Cadillac no sales on that vechicle. What a waste of a V16, I think they should of put that engine on the XLR or the upcoming Cien, (if it comes out). This car deserves maybe a V8. Also, that 1000 horsepower, WHY? WHY is the question. No point what so ever. 1000 horsepower is for supercars or sportscars look alikes (XLR), not for boxes like this. Come on Caddie, be a bit smart, 600 horsepower at the MOST should suit this car. Someone, please prove me wrong here...
 Art has a new name!  
Science is luxury. Luxury is art. Art is Cadillac. The 21st century sure belongs to Cadillac. But I have to agree, that if it ever gonna roll out to the streets, it is not likely to have this jewel they call engine. It may be V12 but, I wouldn't bet GM to have the gutts to do this. They never had. Take a look at the concept cars they never made. Or take a look at the Evoq, or the Vizon. They made an XLR and an SRX. Which are okay, but not quite what they promised. Then again the 21st century could belong to GM. But like I said, it's only matter of gutts! And whether they keep their promises, of course.
 something to do with........  
the cien. I think cadillac made this because they wanted the world to know what they can really do, scare sportscar companies and they have done it rather well! The cien has a 75% chance of going into production because there is such great demand for it. I think this the most beautiful cadillac after the cien. This looks a bit bulky though. I really respect what cadillac is doing and where they are heading and i think if they continue making sportscar concepts maybe just maybe they would become an sportscar company!!!
Mr. Kaman
IF, (IF!!) it will go in production, it will be with a V12...damn...
 the big motor.  
The reason for the big motor has little to do with a production posibilities or power or anything else really. You see, this is a concept car that is testing the style and pheasability of a 16 cylinder super Caddy in the market place. Why 16 cylinders? Because in the 1930's (I think it was the 30's), in an effort to one up the 12 cylinder luxo cars from around the world, Cadilac decided to go with a V16, basically two V8's. In an effort to reach back into the companies herritage they are considering a new 16 cylinder car (more than likely a 12 cylinder will make it before a 16, if either). Since it's such a heritage based vehicle, they wanted to use aline differant parts of the automobile with the old V16. More than likely, the engine of the show car was chosen as a through back, being of similiar displacement to the original. Damn that took a long time to say but oh well.
What a fricin huge engine. 13 litres is just too much. The front end on this thing looks way to long, but other than that it is great. 1000 horsepower is awesome. Probably wont go into production though.
 HA HA i am the first to comment  
The cadillac sixteen is a car enspired by th wide boy, super-rich men of modern america, and i have to hand it to them, its beautifully crafted and with lines that,i believe, mirror the new Merc SL. the pictures from the motor-show really show off the lines of the new car. if only they would put it in to production...
this is a truly amazing beast by cadillac. 1,000 hp is extremely powerful. i didnt think a street-legal car could have that much. i cant wait to see the 0-60 and top speed. jeez... wow... wow...

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