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  Subaru Impreza WRC 2003

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Country of origin:Japan
Produced in:2003
Source:Company press release
Last updated:Before December 1st, 2004
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 This is a race car that can handle any surface  
markhp48g, you should do some research before you post. First of all, this is a race car, like how an F1 car is a race car. Its purpose built, goes within regulations so you cannot have more than 2.0 liters and you must have a 34mm restrictor which basically limits horsepower. Having a bigger engine would ruin the balance of the car and would make it handle horribly. And the car costs 500k USD, what do you expect from a car that has its body panels made of carbon fiber to make it as light as possible? The torque figures are about right since boost pressure is limited, the only way to make more power is to increase the compression ratio in which mechanics are trying to do as much as possible but reliability and regulations come into effect. And unlike normal turbocharged cars that don't carry restrictors, WRC cars start from high boost at low RPMs and then begin to tail off into lower pressure as the revs build up, basically the opposite of what a normal turbo'd car does. This causes the horsepower curve to be very flat (unprecedented in a road car) and produces an amazing amount of torque and response. The WRC is the second most prestigious motorsport behind F1 in the world, so of course manufacturers and sponsors are willing to spend millions of dollars to acheive success in this sport.
 you guys gotta get your facts straight  
You know this engine is restricted to go along with racing regulations right? Real power output is closer to 600+ hp when the engine is allowed to breathe properly. The cost reflects the amount of work that has gone into this car. The entire vehicle is taken apart and rebuilt to fit exact specifications.
 Power of the WRC  
The torque figures are very conservative in fact. The new Ford Focus WRC with a similar 2 litre turbo engine produces 550NM of torque and 350BHP. You must also realise the engine is running with a 34mm air restrictor. Without this it would produce 600+BHP no problem. Check out the rallycross versions of these cars. The WRC do 0-60mph in around 3.2 seconds while the rallycross version do it in about 2.1 seconds.
 Wow! The Sube RC Champion...  
"Bosshcco & others who are enamored by this juvenile reptilian racer can feel secure in knowing that Fuji Ind. has fully utilized every penny to its potential-as you state, to the tune of $250-300K per car. The US way of competing in WRC competition would be mundane by comparison, but straightforward, economical & thoroughly kickbut. We would start with a lot less up front-about $100K & an off the shelf Jeep 4WD chassis & running gear, albeit enhanced by some real performance goodies-Chryco's invincible 426 HEMI or even the new 5.7L version come immediately to mind, & not blown/boosted like the LEAF BLOWER MOTORS you so admire. Then, we would have to let the Big Dogs eat & you could go home to play with your Asian RC toy; but then again they don't allow the HEMI in the peewee leagues or even NASCAR. MLH-MSME"
fusion 21
I would just like to point out to markhp48g that 305BHP is a verry reachable power output for a turbo charged 2.0 letre V4, seeing that BMW can get 1000BHP!!!!!! per litre!!!!!
 This is a rally car  
markhp48g, buddy, this is a wrc car, not some stupid overpriced street version that wrx is. That is why it DOES have 450lb/ft of torque. It also costs 10 times as much as wrx, but it's worth every penny. Maybe you should interrupt your NASCAR sessions and flip the channel to some WRC action, to see what these cars are really capable off.
 this will teach Mitsubishi owners something....  
"If Subaru ever comes out with a coupe of this car it will be a hit in no time at all. just look at how bloody popular the saloon is. You see one literally every 10 mins on the road!! Then Subaru came out with this. Good thing though they took out the circular headlights which really made the car cute which is not a good thing with this type of monster. I think their new headlights are very neat and suite the car very well. I d not really know about their new chassis as i have not read any road test on the new car yet but i am sure it will be just as good as the ""old"" car. I heard that interior has better built quality, better quality plastics mostly. This would surely make Evo buyers think carefully before running down to Mitsubishi showroom and ordering their EVo 8 as this is one hell of a car!!"
I like this a lot better than that round-eyed 'thing' that was the old WRX. Does anyone else think this car would be better as a coupe, though?
 A Neon SRT will Smoke it Baby  
"The 2003 WRC Impreza is impressive, but its reputation and technical specs are overblown. For starters, I do not personally believe its horsepower or torque stats., especially when you look at that 450 lb-ft energy rating at 4000 rpm from 2 liters; yeah right. Secondly, just check how this little rice burner faired on the street, albeit with its public detuned hardware version, against a seemingly inferior front drive Neon SRT, as mentioned in a recent performance test by a leading hot rod mag. Conclusion, The $20,000 SRT will bury it all day at the strip and probably in the curves; all with less advertised power & torque & a lot less money; & the damn parts are easy to get & affordable. Some of the engineers at Fuji Ind. are full of themselves & sh... MLH-MSME"
 great update!  
VT Fusion
perfect, i like this new design alot better than the old one. a very nice car which i hope subaru will do well in this year. good work subaru you have my respect back.
there is a car with bigger torque than subaru. unfortunatelly that is citroen xsara.
It is a very nice car. It seems like very angry for speed. I own a Sbaru Impreza which I mounted with spoilers at the front and at the back of the car. It has a great performance especially with road grip. I mounted it with really type accesories. Your website is very nice and I always visit your website.
 "It's not a car but a ""jewel""!"  
this new design is simply fantastic! Personaly,i find the new Subaru WRC (even the road version) more beautiful than the last version.Now, Solsberg and Makkinen know what they have to do for this rally year! Because Loeb, Gronholm and Burns are ready to fight with their overpowerded cars!
I wasn't one of those people who thought the 2001-2002 WRX looked ugly. I actually loved the styling on the current model. It looks mean and angry, which fits its personality. However, this new styling upgrade is very stunning. It goes very well with the character of the car and still looks agressive yet more refined. Nice Job Subaru! Now just recurect the SVX and give it 300+ HP. I'll be writing out a check then!
 Hot Car  
This is one nice looking Subaru, but unfortunately it didn't have what it takes to win the Monte Carlo.

  Article Image gallery (12) Specifications User Comments (15)