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  Brabus E V12

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Country of origin:Germany
Produced in:2003
Introduced at:2002 Essen Motor Show
Price new:£1,000,000
Source:Company press release
Last updated:Before December 1st, 2004
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 im offended...  
that druggy down there that said Mercedes sucks should go sit in one and then say that again. Mercedes is quality and perfection wise the best company in the world. They do everything to make their cars top notch, you get excellence for a reasonable price, its not a rip off like rolls or bentley which is probably gonna break down anyway. With that said, I dont think they desserve idiots that dont know what they're talking about, saying they suck.
 what do i have to do to get this car?  
This is a great car from the design all thanks to Mercedes-Benz, up to the modifications done Brabus which is a plain and simple work of art, have give Brabus it?s props. And talking about the lame comment that carmaniac gave, talking about that Mercedes sucks, if Mercedes sucks so much why doesn?t Brabus picks a BMW to take under it?s wings and put it out there for the public as a product of their brand. If anything here you would have to say is that BMW sucks and Mercedes is S**t and then some...so c ya later....Mercedes and Brabus all the way...!
 A lil info  
"Hey adilas, u kinda had it backwards. Bi-turbo is when they run 2 turbos in paralell(most often used in ""V"" engines, 1 to boost each bank of cylinders). Usually in these setups they aren't pushing too much boost and use a small turbo. Twin turbo's are a completely different setup. They have 2 turbo's(one bigger than the other) mounted onto one larger turbo manifold. At lower revs there is a valve(similar to a waste gate) that keeps exhaust gases from going through the larger turbo and utilizes the smaller turbo's responsiveness but does not allow for much boost. At a certain rpm the valve diverts the gasses to the larger turbo for the increased boost available...hope that helps. Kudos to Brabus...just when i thought the E55 AMG was a fast car, they brabus puts in a turbo'd 12. now only if they could shoehorn this engine or mabey a SL55 8 into an slk(so much for the dodge tomahawk)"
 What is wrong with you people?  
I read all these comments and all i have to say is that you are so funny. First of all: Brabus is a company on its own. Merc didn't do a good job at all. Merc did a crapy job, Brabus did a fabulous job. Brabus just uses merc's chasis, but everything else is Brabus. If it was Merc where the hell is the star on the front and the back of the car? I know that Merc has nothing to do with Brabus because my cousin in Sweden has a Brabus. One guy said that new M5 will not be able to beat this car. Old M5 that has 400 hp can reach speed of 300 km/h new M5 can be only better, acceleration will not be as good as Brabus's E V12. However tuner will do a great job with new M5. I'm sure it will go as fast as this Brabus and have performances better. if not the same, as this car. BMW rules, Brabus rules, Mercedes SUCKS.
I have never seen sucha sedan car with 211 mph ...its amazin ,,,i will be soo thankfull if you guyz can send me any new stuff about the brabus E v12 on to my e_mail addres eldiablo_969@hotmail.com And now back to my comments about the car of the millenium..........to be prefered, i'd pick this car because it beats the hell out of the following...[lamborgini,ferari,beamers and any other hot and fast cars.......... .its soooooooooo evolutionary. c ya.......mercedes rulezzz!!
 Benz W211 + twin-turbo V12 + Brabus = No competition!!  
I seriously thought that nobody could surpass the lofty standards of the Brabus' 7.3 litre V12-engined Benz W210. How silly was I!! With the Benz W211-based E V12, Brabus have taken the goalposts of high-performance sedans and hurled them out of sight!! This car is the definitive iron fist in velvet glove and has ABSOLUTELY no competition, not now, or for anytime in the foreseeable future. This includes the E60 BMW M5 and any derivatives from the likes of Alpina, Hamann Motorsport, Schnitzer, etc.
 E V12 Brabus  
the car is extreamly fast ,high in workmanship,well biult,merc. quality,well equipt,excellant handeling,the perfec car if money is no object,I sell my sole to the devil for it.
 Whats the difference between twin turbo and bi-turbo  
I don't understand the difference between twin turbo and bi-turbo. Twin turbo is when you have two turbos, the same size,working at the same time. But, is bi-turbo when you have a smaller turbo and a larger one. This way, the smaller turbo, which spools faster takes advantage of the larger turbo's lag, until the larger one spools and kicks in.
This car realy kicks ass It is the ultimate autobahn car, driving relaxt whith a speed of 300KM/h from Hamburg to munchen. And it looks like an little alterd E klass. Bye bye Lamborgini, :-D
"Heres a short message: PRETTY Cool (notice I capitalized ""pretty"") because i think the idea of a super fast sedan is way to cool but then this car totally dilutes or kills the shape and design out of Lamborghinis or Ferraris or any other supercar company that has a top speed that is lower than 211). That is what i do not like, but its nice to know what Brabus or Benz can make out of a sedan..."
 Mean Bad Machine  
Unfair, Unfair, Unfair! Not only does the E V12 have the dazzling appearance of the current range E-Class but Brabus had to borrow the plant that powers the E-Classes bigger brother the S-600. They did not just borrow it put tunned it, tunned a perfect work of automotive genius to create a beast a Mean bad machine that snatches the bat the E-55 AMG smashes the current competition to totally anayliate any traces of competition, that is is any one dare challege. I would suppose it is like driving a Jet as you get all the toys and the supersonic speed.

  Article Image gallery (3) Specifications User Comments (11)