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  Holden VZ Monaro CV8-Z

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Country of origin:Australia
Produced in:2005
Source:Company press release
Last updated:August 01, 2005
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 Missed the Boat  
I honestly think that Holden missed the boat when it came to the Monaro's. They should have revived the GTS name and made the CV8's as the base model (instead of the CV6) with an upgraded GTS350 or even a GTS427 as the performance models.

And a GTS427 that was aimed at being a road car rather than targeting it as a rich man's track day thing that could take on the Porsche 911 GT2, could easily have filled in the gap left by the stillborn HRT 427 for probably a lot less money and would have at least given the Bathurst 24 Hour / Nations Cup Monaro 427C's a legitimate road going cousin.

It wasn't the first time that Holden stuffed up something good, and it wasn't the last.
How could a self proclaimed Holden supporter bag such a fine automobile... one that even fans of the blue oval hold in high regard.
The "Z" nameplate was to signify the last of the breed & to recognise the significant impact that the last generation Monaro bought to Australian motoring. The idea wasn't to produce an all out, ball tearing performace vehicle... no, no, no... the idea was to send the Monaro off in style.
Compared on a value for money basis the Monaro can hold its own against some pretty exotic opposition.
Yeah... I own one so I suppose I'm a little biased towards this great car. A few dollars & a little time with the addition of an after-market exhaust, cold air & some "bits n pieces" has easily seen 300Kw placed under my bonnet... I think this is quite enough neddies to keep anyone happy (& make track days a little more fun).
My advice... find a "mate" with a VZ monaro & go for a run...
 More than a Monaro  
The idea of the CV8-Z isnt supposed to be about any extras, its about that "Z" badge showing that youve grabbed one of the last made, current generation Monaro's. The CV8 alone was a bargain anyway if you looked at it right, as the interior is specced up similar to the Calais, which the V8 version is $58K. For a much nicer exterior, better brakes better suspension and a better engine, would you pay $2K extra for that?
 just a normal monaro  
I'm a true holden supporter and my favourite car is the monaro, but the cv8-z looks like a normal cv8, has the same performance as the cv8,and all the difference is that holden have stuck a z next to the badge to try to trick people into forking out 60 grand for this car.

  Article Image gallery (6) Specifications User Comments (4)