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  Lamborghini Diablo GT

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Country of origin:Italy
Produced from:1999 - 2000
Numbers built:83
Introduced at:1999 Geneva Motor Show
Internal name:L132.II
Author:Wouter Melissen
Last updated:November 04, 2019
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 GT and Murcielago  
I believe this is the best looking and performing Diablo. 6.0LV12, 575bhp engine. It was tested 0-60mph in 3.7secs.,1/4mile in 11.8secs. Thats pretty quick. Its extra buldges which were given to made it look even faster. This Diablo outperforms the heavy Murcielago which also does 0-60 in 3.7secs. Also 1/4mile in 11.95secs. I guess the heavy Murcielago gets its start from its all wheel drive but then starts lagging behind because of its size. I really wish they would reduce it to somewhere around 3300lbs. Its 4 wheels would be pushing 3.4secs 0-60mph and 11.4secs 1/4mile.
 the most beautiful diablo  
dont judge this car by pics & colour tone. i have seen the diablo gt here in dubai outside a mall in purple. i have many diablos in my life but this one was the most beautiful diablo I have ever seen.
 The design..  
VT Fusion
The design is like a very stled up Esprit maybe.. but VERY styled up, an esprit is like a building block compared to this, just all the basics, and the diablo is far a better styled car, they are similar in shape, and overall look... but most poeple agree the diablo is a much better looking car. The sides, are brilliant, the curve in it. the way it continues the whole cars slope from the bonnet to the windscreen, and then flattens for the roof... the doors also do the same and even the under body of the car (although they dont fully there is a black piece going flat its just hard to notice) as for the back. Look its just whether you like it or not... I hate back sloping downward, i like a whole car to slope up but not to much like the celica :X this car does it perfectly,the slope... then the flatten out to make it just subtle enough to be stylish. In my oppinion and alot of lambo lovers, this is what lambo need to be thinking about when they create new designs.. the murcielago just hasnt surpassed this design. Id rather add the murc front to a diablo and it would be a great looking car... just a restyled diablo the way it should be done. When posting this the Gallardo has just been put up on lambocars.com and i think its great, alot of diablo in it.. the sides mainly.. kinda that same curve adjacent with the windscreen/bonnet and changing to the flatness of the roof. But the back, :x theyve done it again.. i diddnt like the Murc back because it was to round and fat, and the gallardo.. its sharper and better.. sportier.. but a like strange. Diablo is still the ultimate lambo in my eyes. its similar to the esprit, but look, its also very original.. many cars are like this... Saleen S7 to the Mac F1... and many which dont come to mind at the moment.
Marcello Gandini designed the Diablo? He designed the Countach too, didn't he? Man, that's one talented guy. Then of course, didn't he design the EB110 too? That car is kinda... ugly.
 Sorry motorhead, I disagree . . .  
"My memory could be wrong, but I think you'll find the Esprit only had circular rear taillights after the Peter Stevens redesign. He did a bloody good job considering he was playing with the beauty of a Giugiaro design penned in 1970; it lasted on the car (largely unchanged) between 1972-1987. The diablo was penned (by Marcello Gandini )around the same time as Stevens design so who knows who copied who. I also happen to think that the Diablo is the best looking Lambo ever, though I prefer the JOTA(except the rear, I agree it's pig ugly). Legend has it that the lights are stolen from the Nissan 300ZX, not sure about that one, maybe . . ."
 this sucks!!  
I have no idea how you knew this was a lambo from far but i think this lambo just plainly copied the esprit's styling! Look carefuly and you will deffinately agree with me. Firstly is the front, when the lambo had pop up lights it looked exactly like the esprit but now with the normal lighs it looks the just a bit different. The front of the car which is very flat and squarish looks very much like the esprit. Then you go to the side which is totally different compared to the esprit but the problem is that the car looks very bad from the sides. Looks really unpropotioned(thats why lambo thought of naming the car disable not diablo)with the high back and low front. Then you come to the back and start agruing to see if it is really an esprit or a diablo. Those round lights, high bumper and those air vents. Do something properly lambo!!
VT Fusion
"One great lambo... ive only seen GTR's (possibly only a GT) on TV,a dn it was going great untill it broke its front suspension ; oh well! it was kicking a$$ over the ferrari 360 (why wouldnt it) The Gt is a really nice car but it would have been nice if the released the GT2... Then it would be the ultimate diablo, because the diablo 6.0 although basically a road car it had afew enhancements which would have been nice to see in a racing version. But this one is great enough... and i just want one!"
 never forget  
I think this car is amazing. I will never forget the time i was walking round the most exclusive part of london one day, when i saw this big yellow thing parked in the distance. The closer i walked towards it,the faster my heart beat. It was a brand new spanking pearlescent yellor diablo gt. it looked fantastic, so low, so wide. I thought i was really lucky just seeing one, the street i was in was so exclusive though that no one else battered an eyelid when they walked past. But i didnt care that i was looking at this car, it was the most dramatic car i had ever seen, and i quickly touched the wing mirror with my finger.....and now i can say i have seen and touched the most dramatic car ever. dreams are good......but i want a diablo gt!
 the greatest diablo  
Le Mans-1
im just gonna say im going to miss the lamborghini diablo. that car has been my dream car since i was like 3 and im 13 now.i would do anything to ride in better yet own a lamborghini diablo GT. if you get to own a lamborghini diablo any of them i would say you are one lucky person.
 What an ass  
I love this car's ass, with the 2 exaust like the ones from a bike...beautyfull...if I just could get a ride in that..!
 The Best Diablo  
This is in my opinion the best Diablo ever . Better than the 6.0 because its RWD . And it looks much more aggressive than any other Diablo. It also looks better than the new bat from Lambo . Too bad only 80 GT's were built .
 The greatest V12  
I will never forget the sound of the GT's V12, nor I will forget the incredible ride I was given in it. In hard carbonfibre seats I could feel the engine revv up as the vibrations pumped up my spine. It didn't beat the sound though. A raw race sound with a high pitched whistles during the downshifts and the feeling of a fully tuned engine was as obvious as the people staring while dring in town. The fact is that no matter when, where or why you're sitting in a Diablo GT your heart will pump and you will feel like the happiest person on earth. No matter what I will never forget my 15 minutes in a Diablo GT. Never.

  Article Image gallery (21) ZA9DE21A0YLA12555 Specifications User Comments (12)