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  Chevrolet Camaro Concept

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Country of origin:United States
Produced in:2006
Introduced at:2006 NAIAS
Source:Company press release
Last updated:January 12, 2006
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 After finally seeing the car at L.A....  
...I think they need to fix the grill. They tried to give it the "Chevy smile" that GM thinks is a great brand feature, and that I think is horrible . It's the only thing I don't like about the current Vette's lines as well. The basic lines of the Camero are spot on though, even if the car is WAY too big.
 I like it!!!  
Being that I am 56 and remember the first generation Camaro very well (it was only yesterday that I drove a 1968 Z-28 that
my best friend has), I find this new Camaro very exciting.

It has power, suspension, good looks and reminds me of the
time when power was king and looks were everything. This new Camaro has it all. It will outrun & outcorner any older Camaro.
Its looks are stunning, reminding you of an old Camaro that
has been customized by someone like Boyd Coddington.

Power, handling, looks... I'll be first in line to buy one
if they actually build it.

I have (and drive daily) a 1980 Olds 442 W-30. It is a very
serious muscle car. I have no doubt that the new Camaro will
blow it away in every aspect... power, handling and all-around

Hmmm... 400 hp, 6 speed, fuel injection, remote start, need I
say more? I need one of these! :)

 Strike 1  
I really want to love this car. It has a nice muscular stance, I even like the blend of retro with stealth fighter. But, its got a face that only a mother could love. The grill is absolutly hidious. What About the cheep looking retro interior. The cheesy gauges and retro dash look so bad that they actually offend me. Actually I would love to purchase a new 400 hp Camaro in 2008, but this thing needs to be sent back to the drawing board and made pretty. It shows potential but it is a long ways off.
I would think that if this was 'the answer' I would know it immediately. I find myself agreeing with some of the other comments (some of the good and also some of the bad). That being said, I reiterate, if this was it we would all know it. Chevy might be more suited to try a concept on the muscle car (1971 Chevelle). One of the other comments made was that Chevy should be 'true to the original vehicle'...do not try and hedge between 'then' and now...just make 'then' better 'now'. You should cut bait now and I bet that the Chevelle would put Chevy right where it wants to be...out of potential bankruptcy and in the Driver's Seat.
 Don't even bother!  
I understand that I was not around for the muscle car era (I'm 20), but if anyone were to look at the history of Mustang vs. Camaro sales, you would have to wonder why they would even try to revive the all but forgotton Camaro.

Seriously, GM, look at your position in the market, look at the recent muscle car attempt (Holden's Monaro rebadged as a GTO) that went very sour, and think of the honest market that will pursue the Camaro.

Personally, I feel that D/C got lucky with the 300/Magnum/Charger success, and I really do not think that this new big displacement attempt will work - as far as "saving" GM is conserned. If they just want to sell a fun low-production model that will bring some sales back to the General, then hey, I am all for it, though I am pretty sceptical when it comes to the styling. I will wait for that judgement when the production model is revieled.
 Please beg gm to mass produce this!  
Wow! Finally Chevy has an answer for the "retro" Mustang. I've owned 3 different Camaros and would definetly be on the waiting list for this gorgeous creation. The new engine with a built-in ability to switch cylinders for fuel economy is awesome. Make mine black with a retro houndstoooth interior and I'm set to go! As a yank with a musclecar background I'm not sure how Brits and the rest of Europe will react to this "backwords" concept, but it does show GM's initiative for customer wants and needs. Please, Please let them know we all want this car!

Thanks for your time

Homogenized may be good for milk though the French say it makes cheese take like sh--t, but it is definitely not good for cars...As a reference I have owned a '90 5.7 IROC, '93 5.7 Z28, '96 5.7 and '99 5.7 SS with 6 speed (the last two having the special wheel and tire package meaning the same tires as were the Vette of the same year). My wife and love these cars and have been waiting...We love to say "half the price of a Vette, half the insurance, room for two tiny ones in the back and all for .5 tenths of a second less performance. The Vette in 99 had 345 hp and 340 torque and the SS had 320 hp and 340 torgue...The GTO does not do for us now and neither does this a hodge podge also looks like the new Caddy 2 seater from the front...Yes I am 56 and if they did offer the 7.0 option to be dropped in as ugly as I feel it is, I too would be lined up at the door...most bang for the buck...they sure OVERDID the retro interior...if I wanted to ride in one I would buy a used Firebird circa 1967...just because Ford has been successful with its retro job does not mean you can successfully combine the past and present...a long winded way of saying it lacks IDENTITY...They should not try to be all things...pick a stance and go with it...really like a person who has lost their identity and forgotten who they are and as a result are trying to be the ZELIG of cars...a sorry state...sorry for the rant but have waited so long...
 What are they thinking?  
This Camaro is awful. It looks like a smoothie blended from all generations of the Camaro. Chevy should have stuck with a modernization of the gen 1. There are just too many things that were done wrong to list. Ford got it right with the Mustang and Dodge looks to have gotten it right with the Challenger. Chevy's not even trying? I showed this to many people at work this week and not one has had anything positive to say about it. Chevy, if you are listening, this is your target demographic and we don't like it at all. Save yourself some trouble and declare bankruptcy now.
 At last...  
Here is my opinion. The Camaro was only good 67-69, 69 being the best. From there it went way down hill, in styling and power. Now this concept is a futuristic 69 and I absolutely love it. If they keep this styling into production, this Camaro could very well save GM from bankruptcy. Now if Chevy was smart, they would also make this car with an available 427 from the Z06 (dub it a Z/28 perhaps). Men from 40-55 yrs old will be camping outside GM waiting to get one! That being said, GM please dont mess this up, you have something real special here, maybe even your last hope. Good Luck.

  Article Image gallery (20) Specifications User Comments (9)