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  Nissan Forum Concept

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Country of origin:Japan
Produced in:2008
Introduced at:2008 NAIAS
Source:Company press release
Last updated:January 01, 2008
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 Forum part II  
I understand the concept of a 'concept car,' but this represents some group at Nissan's understanding of what a family either wants or needs. Big corporations need to try listening to consumers, not just looking at statistics to determine what their public wants. Ask me what I want. Don't tell me and try to persuade me. My comment wasn't an attack against Nissan, it was a statement of my opinion. All opinions, no matter how strongly for or against are valid, but should not be taken by anyone as statements of fact. I don't like this minivan at all. I think that the technology included would be better utilized in an interrogation room at the local police precinct. If Nissan wanted a cool feature, they could have put an 'attenuate' button by each seat to quiet the stereo so that the occupants could talk unimpeded.
 Its just a concept  

This is just a concept by nissan to explore new areas. They will not necessarily produce it. What you are saying about storage places is valid but just because one car company is doing something totally different to your views doesnt mean you have attack them.
 Not in my garage  
Nissan seems to be fulfilling a need that doesn't exist with this one. It is ugly on the outside and beauty is only skin deep. The interior is awful. In the image where the bench seat is pivoted, the drivers' seat has been pushed right up against the steering wheel to clear the bench. It's very presumptuous of Nissan to assume that their unique feature is worth the driver having to exit the vehicle every time someone gets in or out of the car. Observation cameras on the 2nd and third row of seats? Get real. I have driven minivans for 12 years and have never needed a camera to know what my boys are up to. Thiey would be unnecessary expense and complexity. Microphones for both rows? Ridiculous! Turn down your radio a little and you'll hear what's going on in your car. You might even get to talk to your children. Oh wait, that's a bad thing, these days.

Nissan, please don't produce this vehicle. Give us stowable seats so we can actually use the cabin space. If you want a cool feature, build a heater/cooler into the center console and make it tall enough to keep bottles of soda cool or coffee and maybe even baby bottles warm. Give us usable storage compartments throughout the vehicle for all of the iPods, PSP's, DS's, books, Hot Wheels, snacks and other things that we take along with us when we travel as a family. From the pictures of the interior, it didn't look like this thing has any room for storage or carrying anything. Where do the groceries go? Where does the luggage go? Build it and you'll ask: Where did the customers go?

  Article Image gallery (16) Specifications User Comments (3)