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  Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 'Stirling Moss'

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Country of origin:Germany
Produced in:2009
Numbers built:75 (Proposed)
Source:Company press release
Last updated:December 20, 2008
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In this day and age, photos like this usually only serve to illustrate "new design languages" and "design directions", not production cars. But the fact that this car is actually seeing production--albeit very limited--is astonishing. I didn't particularly care for the SLR when it first appeared, but some of the latest iterations are starting to grow on me. And now this. I'm not sure what the other poster is blabbing on about "practicality" and what not. Seeing as how this may be the last SLR to be produced for quite some time (the economic crisis seems have a profound impact on the automotive industry) it would be atrocious not to commemorate Sir Stirling Moss with a special edition SLR. I think it is the best looking (modern) SLR to date (along with the 722 GT). It looks stunning in the flat silver paint and a if it had a crimson '722' scrawled on the bonnet it would be almost perfect. If I had the money and the ability to get one, I wouldn't give it a second though. Stunning car.
 Bling, Bling - You're Dead!  
Well this car admirably fills a niche - its a car for the person who has everything except taste, class and discernment.

Cleverly sporting every MERCEDES design motif it is a remarkably confident, consistent and clear 'in ya face' visceral design that demands to be noticed.

Its just the concept that is so wrong and should never have been signed off but then again 'bling' is so now!

I bet Sir Stirling made them pay heaps to use his name and I for one don't blame this real gentleman one little bit.

However, would you be seen dead in it let alone buy the thing unless you desperately need to make a statement like you suffer from an erectile dysfunction and have to compensate?
 Has Sir Stirling sold out ?  
handy jac
When an obvious press release goes on and on with phrases such as;
pinnacle of an era
uncompromisingly spectacular
superlative performance
breath taking design
interprets legend
new dimensions
sets new standards
wealth of experience,
.....well, you get my drift and apart from feeling this is a snow job, the car doesn't do much for me.

If Sir Stirling has received money for lending his name to this ungainly, impractical and frankly quite ugly rendition ( eg the so called air scoops and/or roll hoops behind driver and passenger ) then for the sake of his prosterity I really feel he should return the cash.

To me it reeks of the Brabham Torana ( nee Vauhall Viva )of late 60's Australia or the Carla Zampatti Ford Capri of the late 80's.

Handy Jac

  Article Image gallery (14) Specifications User Comments (3)