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  Porsche 917/30

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Country of origin:Germany
Produced in:1973
Numbers built:6 (Three never raced)
Internal name:917
Predecessor:Porsche 917/10K
Author:Wouter Melissen
Last updated:December 27, 2016
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 Donohue family and flat 12's  
One of the errors I noticed was listing 917/30-002 (and -003) as havingbeen driven by David Donohue, when it was Mark (David's dad) who drove these monsters. Even though I was only 9 when he died (10 days after setting the world's closed-course speed record in the red Cam-2-liveried 917/30-003, which is back in penske colors and currently for sale), Mark is still my all-time favorite race driver.

One of the forum members commented that the 917 engines were flat-12's not V-12's. Both are actually correct. Flat configured engines have 2 types; the more familiar "Boxer," in which opposing cylinders run on separate crank journals so that they move in and out in phase with each other, and 180 degree v-12's (such as the type 917 engines), where opposing pistons share a common crank journal, so they move the same direction. The 180 degree v-12 has the advantage of being more compact and having a stronger, stiffer crank, while the boxer is easier to set up and dynamically ballance.
 Engine Configuration  
Just a comment on a minor error in the report on the Porche 917/30: Under the engine description data, it shows the engine as being a V-12. As we all know, the engine was a flat 12. Nothing major on a well written article.
 Mark Donohue's Book  
Get Mark Donohue's book, "The Unfair Advantage," it will give you a whole new respect for this car and driver.
 Mark Donohue not Donhue  
Misspelling of his name is strange. That's one of his cars that was crashed.

The other one is now Red/White "Cam 2" livery and is for sale.

 The Bar Has Not Been Reached  
1973. One turbo. No carbon fiber. When ever I hear ranting about how amazing the Veyron is or the Caparo T1 is supposed to be, I think about the 917/30 and suddenly its like "B.F.D."
 Donohue and the 917.30  
Greetings, Is Donohue the only driver to ever race and win with the car, I heard or read that the car was capable of 0-200 mph in 10 seconds, is there any truth to this? Half way through 1974 American CanAm closed up, and although 1973 was the last time the car ran in the CanAm was there any racing going forward into 74-75 that would have suited the car? I just can't believe that a monster like that could be allowed to sit there with that realized potential, of course for you who watched Donohue win in the 917.30 it maybe more fitting that Donohue be the last one truly commited to it. Although I think that another fellow ran her a few races. . .
 917/30 at Laguna Seca  
I think it was 1973 when I was at Laguna as a kid and saw Mark Donahue dominate the field in the 917/30. What I remember most was the sound of the turbos and the pure speed this machine had. At the time Laguna's layout was much different than it is today and the lap times and trap speeds were much higher than todays. And because safety regulations aren't what they are today after races you could walk the track and find bits of cars. I remember what an awe inspiring car the 917/30 was, it wasn't that long after we lost Mark Donahue, to this day I still have the feeling of loss when I think of it.
I saw Mark Donohue race this car at the Watkins Glen Can-Am in 1973 -- AWESOME! FRIGHTENING!! He was lapping cars by the 3rd lap, passed several cars every lap and nearly lapped the field. Eerily quiet, too -- the turbos swallowed the exhaust noise. Most dominating car I ever saw.
 This is the best racer  
This is my favourite racerever made by any company. It says that it only has 1100hp, but with the turn of the swich in the cockpit it has 1580hp. That is the most horsepower i have ever seen in a racer. Plus the 0-100mph is 3.9 seconds and 0-200mph 11 seconds.

  Article Image gallery (102) Chassis (6) Specifications User Comments (9)