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  Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale

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Country of origin:Italy
Produced in:2011
Designed by:Zagato
Author:Wouter Melissen
Last updated:April 29, 2011
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 Time for a Zagato Ferrari?  
This is what the Ferrari California replacement (2014?), should be like. A beautiful design without a doubt. Maybe itís time for Ferrari to leave Pininfarina, Batista has been dead since 1966 and Sergio recently passed this year, Ferraris of recent vintage has been striking but not necessarily beautiful. Meanwhile Zagato has bypassed Pininfarina in terms of coming out with truly great designs, Their work with Aston Martin, Alfa and even Lancia is testament to that.
 My apologies...  
This is what happens when I post before reading.
Lovely styling, but the knowledge that it's merely a restyled Viper...somewhat reduces my appreciation.
An Alfa with a big torquey mill is just plain wrong...
 Bristol Fighter  
Is not the Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale a Bristol Fighter with a Zagato body?
 Like A Rose....  
....is a rose, is a rose, you can clothe a Dodge Viper anyway you like and you still have a Viper, a Viper, a Viper.

However, some people have so much dosh they can afford indulgent one-offs like this. Good for them, whereas people of more modest means will buy the Viper and perhaps tune and customise it a litle and revel in the knowledge their car is more original and has a purer "essence" than this Italian poseur.

And I bet they will save a small fortune as well.
 Alfa Romeo TZ Stradale  
This sounds and looks like a facsimile of a Bristol Fighter without its Gullwing Doors. The Bristol was available with 3 types of Chrysler engines up to 1010 BHP. I think Alfa are a bit late on the scene as the Fighter was around 6 years ago until the sad but tempory demise of Bristol in March 2011.
Bristol also had long and illustious links with Zagato.
The 406 Zagato, the 407 Zagato, the 412 Zagato and a small and faintly amusing electric car called something like the Zing!.

There is nothing new in this world, the TZ3 is just another lash ujp of the Viper with a hand made body.
 Well, this is an unexpected advantage of the iPad...  
... It's drool proof!

  Article Image gallery (8) Specifications User Comments (6)