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  Toyota GT-One

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Country of origin:Japan
Produced from:1998 - 1999
Numbers built:6
Internal name:TS020
Designed by:André de Cortanze for TMG
Predecessor:Toyota TS010
Successor:Toyota TS030 Hybrid
Author:Wouter Melissen
Last updated:June 13, 2014
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Actually I think it's quite interesting that most sites don't seem to know or to mention that the Chassis and Aerodynamics have been done by Dallara and not by Toyota themselves ;).
 love it  
Something about its shape always draws my attention. Those are some nice pictures, the size of the turbo hosing is hilariously big. I can remember using the Toyota GT in countless video games, simply because of its insane acceleration across the band. That doesn't mean much compared to real life but that's how I remember the GT.

formula 1 top speeds are usually slow. you rarely see the cars doing over 200mph nowadays. and it wasnt the last lap. it was in the last hour. it was hunting down the BMW V-12 lmr, by about 2 seconds a lap, and if the pace would have continued, the car would have eaten that BMW for dinner and won the race, but as two Porsche 911 gt3's collided leaving debris on the track, the gt1 suffered a puncture at well over 200mph. Ukyo Katayama caught the car before it span, and brought it back to the pits. The BMW V-12 LMR went on to an almost lucky victory. The speeds this car tapped on the straights were 215 not 250! the best car ever in my eyez!
 Best GT car ever.  
"During the final laps in 1999 LM, didn't this car set the fastest lap time and speed, I heard it hit 250+. Awesome, too bad the street car never saw the light of day; with upgraded turbos, one could easily spank the Big Mac and flirt with Formula 1 like top speeds."
 gt-one or 787b?  
AntiDomestic i think i would have to say with reasonable confidence that the gt-one would be better than the 787b, i know if i had the choice i'd take the gt-one. it uses some of the cleverest aerodynamic aids of any car out there, you can read all about it on http://www.mulsannescorner.com/gtone101.htm . great site that is. however thats only my opinion, the 787b is a fair bit older, about 70kg's lighter, has an extra 100hp but it has less torque than the gt-one and the torque it does have (448 ft-lb) peak occurs at 6500rpm, when its redline is at 9000rpm. the gt-one has the straight line advantage as its torque will still be climbing after changing gears, which may cause it to be quicker (if not about the same) on the standing quarter mile, it will also help to continue accelerating at a good rate on those big long straights. the gt-one's peak torque was 479 lb-ft @ 6000rpm, which was also its redline so theres its high end torque. however you can decide which is better for yourself, i am only using this info as a guide
This car is beutiful, i agre it is one of the best looking cars ive seen in le mans. One more year and this car wold've been first place , and every year after that i am confident to say. Some of the team that worked on tis car i beleive are on the audi team now, but correct me if im wrong.
I am quite tempted to say that this is the best looking LeMans race car in the past decade. The advanced arodynamics are incredible and even the latest bentley for 2003 uses a derivative of these. Had it not been for that tyre blow-out this car would have certainly won LeMans. I cannot understand why Toyota pulled the plug on it, my asumption is that they wanted to continue development for their F1 Programe. After that cursed race they should have had one last crack at it. This is a car that can be called The Greatest Le Mans Racer, never to win the Le Mans 24hours. And it is one f my Favorite Le Mans racers EVER. I feel privaliged to have seen it Race.
its a shame i only found out about GT-one just after its racing career, (after winning it on the computer game Gran turismo 2. I was amazed by its stunning performance and looks. However the only race footage of it that ive seen is in front of the merc that flipped on the mulsanne. I 'm sure Toyota would have one if they contiued the programe. And if they bring it back it would become a serious contender after a fue manditory changes. It would be great to see it racing against the Bentley speed 8. I just hope more teams are inspired to make LM/GTPs as they look amazing, similar to group C cars. If i ever become stinking rich i'll do what ever it takes to get my hans on the road version.
 its great!  
VT Fusion
When i won the road version of this car in Gran Tourismo 3, a playstation 2 game... i was incredibly impressed! it drives like a true race car ... it has the nicest handling of any of the cars in the game, yet it is not boring ofcourse... the handling is completly different to all other cars in the game, even MR ones with similar BHP. even at a tuned 1100 odd BHP this car handled aggressivly and with short training is easy to control... and has a great cornering speed also, with the response being far greater when acceleraing around corners. No car compares to this! and it would have been great to see a road design released with possibly a more road friendly design.
 such a shame.....  
How it's tire blew and everything so it lost the race but hey second isn't bad atleast it came in that place it could've been much worse. Also which car is better this or Mazda's 787B, remember that did win the Le Mans 24hrs endurance. It was also the first ever japanese car to win the grueling 24hr event.
this was a great car, using very advanced aerodynamics that proved to work. it was a big shame how its tire blew, if the gt-one crossed the line before the bmw lmr V12 then who knows, it could still be in the money today
 The Drivers  
In order to win again they need to have a better driver line up because they were'nt reliable enough to keep a steady pace, not only that the car now does'nt keep to the regulations. I love this car so much but it wont race again i'm sorry to say.
 There is a street legal TS020  
For homologation rules Toyota had to build 1 street version of the TS020 GT-One. they did exactly that... built 1. It rests in a Toyota Museum in Japan.
 street legal?  
you saying this car is street legal? (wat about in the USA)
 Road Version?  
West McLaren
The TS020 may be the most expensive, radical and breath-taking road car of the Company's history, but it only ever saw public roads in order to homologate the wild GT-class contender. In road car trim it had only 591bhp and ranks as one of the quickest vehicles ever but i wonder....
West McLaren
I've heard rumors about this car that if tuned carefully, it can has a top speed of 270mph and also in japan there is only One TS020 out of 25 made has a stage 4 turbo modified which develops an amazing 1095bhp, it was an experience available only to a very few privileged souls.......
 second times a charm  
i think toyota should re race the gt one i think they would win scince they blew away the competition before and i don't think trd will let there team down again
 Luck: What you need to win Le Mans.  
For 24 hours of Le Mans 1998 and 1999, the Toyota GT-One was the fastest thing with 4 wheels out there. Fastest lap in both year, and pole in 1999 by a big margin, in terms of sheer speed, it was in a league of its own. But as proven once and again, without luck, you can't conquer this beast called Le Mans. Both year with odd-ball accident and technical problem prevented it from taking the top spot.

  Article Image gallery (40) Chassis (2) Specifications User Comments (18)