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  Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato Coupe

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Country of origin:Italy
Produced from:1956 - 1960
Designed by:Zagato
Author:Wouter Melissen
Last updated:January 05, 2009
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I remember 2 of these cars, running at Harewood Acres (Ontario), They were called Fiat Abarth Zagato 850 bialbero (double bubble). So, they had a twin cam head and 850 cc. They ran with their engine covers a little open, for cooling. I loved them.
 Still dreaming....  
My 1st car was an Abarth 750 in 1963. Rebuilt the engine in my apartment's bathtub, much to the chagrin of my room-mates. Drove it to Elkhart Lake (then), now Road America, just after repainting it; couldn't keep people away from it...

It was amazingly fun, especially with my 6', part-time Playboy Bunny GF....

I still dream about it......(the car, not the GF... :)
 Double Bubble at the Carrera Panamericana  
Fred Van Buren ran one of these in one of the Carrera Panamericana races and also did a demo run with Clell Thorpe, a Houston radio announcer at the annual SCCA races in Galveston TX. I saw film he shot from inside the car during the Mexican Road Race (as it was known as back in the day). The crowds covered the entire roadway. You could see them parting like the waters before Moses from inside the car as he approached at speed.

These were beautiful little cars. The H Production and H Modified classes at the time were very competitive. Bandini's, Giaurs, and one off specials were interesting to watch.

I remember seeing Team Roosevelt entering 3 Fiat Abarth Coupes at the first sports car race I attended in Maryland during the late 50's with my father.
 Loved this car  
I got my first car while in high school. Itwas a TR-3. I had gone to the races at Marlboro Raceway with my mom and someone rolled one right in front of the grandstand. My mom knew I wanted to go racing and this terrified her. So a few months later, the local Chevy/Fiat dealer got a 750 Zagato in. After seeing the TR roll, it was a rather easy sell to get her to let me trade in the TR for the Zagato. It was with the 750 Zagato that I won my first sports car trophies in local events. I had never done well in the TR so running the Abarth allowed me to be more competitive. This gave me the confidence to later go into SCCA & the IMSA Camel GT series racing with Corvettes.
 750 Zagato Coupe  
In 1960, my Dad bought his friend's 1959 750 Coupe. His friend had campaigned the car the previous season in a few SCCA events. My Dad always said that his buddy could own a car for a year and it looked like he lived in it for 5 years. The car had never been in a shunt, but the cloth seats were worn through and the white paint did nothing to enhance the car. Also, the engine turned out to be less than reliable; much less powerful. Dad decided to do a "freshing" to the interior and he felt the car wold benefit from a new paint scheme. The seats were done in a high quality black naugahyde. The car was re-sprayed in red with a slight tinge of orange. It did look good. He had the deck blocked which may have upped the compression ratio somewhat. While never a fast car, the car cornered fairly well. God, was it tiny. I remember riding with my Father in a rain storm with a lot of lighting. I asked if it was safe in a car. My Dad responded that yes it was safe, but figured that lighting would go right through the little beast. Soon after the renovation, Dad sold the 750 which was a sad day for me.
I've been wondering when this car would pop up here. I love these little buzz-bombs, and though they're neither the swiftest of Abarths, nor the rarest, they are definitely my favorites. What can I say, I'm a sucker for exotic coach-work on small, clever cars.

Great pics, solid review. Appreciated.

  Article Image gallery (40) Chassis (3) Specifications User Comments (6)