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2012 Goodwood Revival
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More than a trip down memory lane
Now in its 15th year, the Goodwood Revival is a trip down memory lane for those old enough but also provides a full array of fresh memories for all generations. Due to its unique period setting, all visitors can become part of the spectacle simply by dressing for the occasion. Ahead of the first edition of the Revival, the idea of dressing up was met with skepticism but today an estimated 80% of the vast crowd make a genuine effort. They are rewarded with a show on and around the track as well as in the sky that is equal to none. In addition to the regular program, which alone is enough to make the Revival worth a visit, the event host Lord March and his had working team each year add special features and celebrations to the schedule. In 2012 these included honouring All American Racer Dan Gurney, a one-make Cobra race, a pre-War Silver Arrow demonstration run and a parade marking the 50th anniversary of the Ferrari 250 GTO.
Our photographers were at the fabulous Goodwood Motor Circuit for three days to capture all the action both on the ground and in the air. The result is this action-packed 390-shot gallery.

The Goodwood Revival Sale
The Bonhams auction has been a set fixture at the Goodwood Revival. The British auctioneer has nevertheless made various tweaks to its formula over the last few years to raise the bar to the level of the company's ever expanding North Amreican rivals. The latest of these changes was to move the sale from Friday to Saturday and scratching the Thursday viewing, which did raise some eyebrows. In the end results count and at GBP 13.6 million the revenue more than doubled compared to last year. Topping the sale was a lovely original, one-family owned Mercedes-Benz S-Type, which went to an anonymous bidder in the room for just over GBP 2.8 million. Also being offered for the first time in many decades were a collection of Maseratis owned by the Hartley family. Among them was a recreation of the fabulous but ultimately unsuccesful V16 racers built by the Italian manufacturer. They eventually changed hands for a combined GBP 2.88 million. The most impressive result was for an Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 SS, which thanks to its strong competition record sold for over twice its pre-sale estimate at just over GBP 1 million.

Freddie March Memorial Trophy
Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first of four 'Nine Hour' races held at Goodwood between 1952 and 1955, the racing kicked off this weekend with a special 90-minute, two-driver race into the sunset on Friday evening. In period Jaguars set the pace but each year reliability issues handed victory to Aston Martins. Among the cars on the grid this year was the actual 1952 winning Aston Martin DB3, shared by owner Martin Melling and Rob Hall. Jaguars once again set the pace with Nigel Webb's C-Type taking an early lead in the hands of Anthony Reid. Although, he would take the victory on aggregate in the St Mary's Trophy, this was not Reid's weekend; mechanical problems dropped the early leader well down the order. Ready to pounce was the sister car fielded by Jaguar Heritage Racing and shared by Alex Buncombe and John Young. Their copper coloured C-Type ran flawlessly into the evening and after 90 minutes crossed the line well ahead of the second placed Cooper T24/5 of John Ure and Nick Wigley and the Austin Healey 100 S driven to third by Peter Snowdon and Adrian Willmott.

Silver Arrows
Having already made their mark on continental Europe for several seasons, the dominant 'Silver Arrow' Grand Prix cars first raced in Great Britain during the 1937 British Grand Prix at Donnington. The 75th anniversary of this spectacular debut prompted Lord March to convince both Mercedes-Benz and Audi to bring out their Silver Arrows for a special parade. The result was the largest gathering on track of these technically advanced and hugely powerful racing cars since the start of World War II. Star drivers like Jochen Mass, Jackie Stewart, Bernd Schneider, Karl Wendlinger and Jacky Ickx were drafted to ensure the cars were driven at considerable speed. In addition to the factory cars, two privately owned machines were also brought out,. Among them was the highly original Mercedes-Benz W154, which was driven by Manfred von Brauchitsch during the 1939 Yugoslav Grand Prix on the very day that Britain and France declared war on Germany. Especially for the occasion a replica of the paddock building of the Swiss Grand Prix was erected to house these precious racers. Also invited to join the Silver Arrows on track were a selection of Grand Prix and Voiturette cars that had served as 'cannon fodder' in period, under the strict condition that they stayed behind the stars of the high speed parade.

The Shelby Cup
In the year that the Cobra celebrates its 50th anniversary and its creator, the legendary Caroll Shelby passed away, it is only fitting that the Revival featured a special race for the V8-engined racers, which usually are part of the RAC TT Celebration grid. Around 30 examples were entered, including the rare Daytona Coupe that won the RAC TT race in 2011. Shared by last year's winner Kenny Brack and Derek Hill, the German owned Cobra Daytona once again led the way. Unfortunately, a technical problem dropped the streamlined machine out of the 45-minute race. The lead was inherited by Ludovic Caron and Anthony Reid but as mentioned before, this was not Reid's weekend. The exhaust on the left side of the car fell to pieces with the final section still attached on one bolt. This was deemed too dangerous and the car was called in by the stewards. With the piece removed, Reid returned to the track to claim third behind the second placed Cobra of an elated David Hart, joined for the occasion by WTCC regular Tom Coronel. Victory, however, was for the Cobra driven by Rob Hall and Andy Wolfe, who was a last minute substitute for Rob's father Rick, who was home with the flu.

Dan Gurney for President
All American legend Dan Gurney was the Revival's guest of honour in 2012. An eclectic collection of cars he raced and/or built were on hand each day for a parade. Among them was the Ford GT40, he used to win Le Mans in 1967 and the Eagle he raced to victory in the Belgian Grand Prix just a few weeks later. Gurney led the way as the passenger in the very Ferrari 250 TR59, he used for his Goodwood debut back in 1959. On Saturday and Sunday his 'chauffeur' was Tony Brooks; Gurney's team mate that year. Fittingly in this election year, the Revival also revived the legendary 'Gurney for President' campaign, originally staged by Car and Driver magazine in 1964 'on a platform of unbridled automotive enthusiasm.' American Ernie Nagamatsu, who brought over the unique Ol' Yaller Mk II, even handed out ballots in the paddock. We doubt either Lyndon Johnson or Barry Goldwater received many votes. The festivities culminated on Sunday afternoon with touching speeches from both Lord March and Dan Gurney himself. He ended the ceremony in fine style, spraying champagne just like he pioneered after winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1967.

RAC TT Celebration
The RAC TT Celebration is very much the 'blue riband' event of the Goodwood Revival. Run over one hour on Sunday afternoon, the two-driver race is held for closed cockpit GT cars of the early 1960s. Arguably the most valuable grid in the world, this year's edition boasted a fine collection of Ferraris, Jaguars, Aston Martins and two rumbling Maserati 151s. Among them was the recently finished reconstruction of the car crashed fatally by Lloyd 'Lucky' Casner around the original engine and gearbox. Still unpainted, it managed to complete the race in remarkably good order. That could not be said for the other 151, which crashed while fighting for the lead and lapping slower cars at the same time. That paved the way for an all-Jaguar E-Type podium with a victory for Adrian Newey and Martin Brundle in the former's Lightweight. Second was for John Young and Bobby Verdon-Roe, while Tiff Needell and Joaquin Folch-Rossinol placed third. One of the most entertaining dices of the weekend took place slightly down the order for fifth between Rauno Aaltonen and Richard Attwood, respectively 74 and 72 years old. Attwood managed to chase the rapid Fin down but despite many attempts the former Le Mans winner failed to get by the rally ace.

Further highlights
Over the weekend a wide variety of machines took the track, including early sports, big-banger prototypes but also a new event for children Austin J40 pedal cars. The earliest class of cars made a welcome return on the schedule and saw an impressive fight between Gareth Burnett in a Talbot AV 105 and Max Werner with an ex-Tazio Nuvolari Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza. Werner eventually got the better of Burnett in the car he drove over the road from Germany and then drove back the following day! In recent years, the big-banger race had seen some debatable driving but this year showed that these very powerful and hairy machines could be raced in very close confines without brushing shoulders. This display of skill and control at the head of the field was the combined effort of Roger Wills and Chris Goodwin in McLarens, Jay Esterer in a Chinook, Simon Hadfield in a Genie and eventual winner Gary Pearson in a Lola T70. They changed positions numerous times throughout the 25-minute race, which had everybody on the edge of their seats.

Final thoughts
Over the past fifteen years, the Goodwood Revival has grown out to become one of the most prestigious events on the calendar, attracting spectators, entrants and drivers from all over the world. Lord March and his creative staff nevertheless strive to make each new edition a little better than the one before. As the capacity crowd of 146,000 spectators experienced, the 2012 Goodwood Revival certainly more than lived up to the ever increasing expectations. To find out why, please sit back and enjoy our action-packed 390-shot gallery.

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2012 Bonhams Goodwood Revival  
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AC Shelby Cobra Le Mans 178 Number of shots
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Bugatti Type 54 Grand Prix 61 Number of shots
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Report by Wouter Melissen and images by Wouter Melissen and Pieter Melissen for Ultimatecarpage.com