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2003 Ford Centennial Celebrations
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Everything about the Ford 100th Anniversary was "Ultimate". Over 3200 historic Ford-related vehicles were on display at Ford World
Headquarters (WHQ) in Dearborn, Michigan, USA where it all began for Henry Ford on June 16, 1903. To give you
an impression of Ford's "birthday party", we compiled a full report and two 100 shot slideshows, the
first slideshow
features pictures of Fords only and the
second slideshow
features pictures of Ford's affiliates' products.

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The festivities were spread out over the massive 152 acre Ford WHQ property as well as the highly-secretive Ford Proving Grounds.
Over 225,000 people enjoyed five full days of exciting corporate and privately-owned Ford vehicles from the first Model T�s to the
production-ready 2005 Ford GT supercar. Ford�s affiliate companies, Aston Martin, Mazda, Volvo, Land Rover, and Jaguar also had hundreds of
historic and current vehicles on display in and around their respective displays. Following the tradition started at the Ford 50th
anniversary, 41,000 people were treated to an evening of with pop-music and film superstar Beyonce Knowles on June 14th,
and 55,000 people experienced today�s hottest act in Country music, Toby Keith on June 15th

Directly in front of the Ford WHQ building were 100 special cars and trucks. There was one for each year of Ford�s history starting with a
one-owner 1903 Model A, and following through to the present. There were 25 "Heart and Soul" cars and trucks as well,that helped to define
the Ford name including a 1955 Ford Thunderbird, 1960 Volvo P1800, 1961 Jaguar E-type, and a 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang.

Centennial guests also had the opportunity to experience Ford Motor Company�s 100 year history from the backseat of an original Model T.
The "Model T Journey" was a two-minute ride that included an interactive history lesson narrated by Edsel B. Ford II, great-grandson of Henry Ford.
The ride was divided by era to show people how the contributions of Henry, Edsel, Henry II, and Bill Ford have shaped American Culture.

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Ford�s affiliate companies each had display tents showcasing their vintage, current, and concept models. Ford Racing brought together many
historic and present racers from Formula 1, CART, WRC and LeMans series. The Centennial Celebration became a historical reunion for some of Ford�s
racing legends including Carroll Shelby, Dan Gurney, Jackie Stewart, Lyn St. James, and Dorsey Schroeder.

As all car companies experience, aftermarket modifications are inevitable in today�s broad customer base. Shelby, Saleen, Roush, and SHM were all
there to show off their latest modifications made to the Mustang, Focus, and Thunderbird models.

Volvo�s reputation for automobile safety could be experienced first-hand at the Ford Proving Grounds where the public had the opportunity to
test-drive the new Volvo XC90 SUV and the powerful V70R and S60R products on the Ford test track. Drivers were accompanied by an independent
testing company representative who explained the many benefits of today�s Volvo on a real closed course test.

Ultimatecarpage.com staff spent two full days absorbing all of the Ford nostalgia and would like to present two slideshows showcasing just a
few of the many cars present from Ford and their affiliates. It was definitely the Ultimate Ford fanatic�s dream.

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We would like to thank Ford Media Relations Staff for all of their assistance during the Centennial Celebration. Report and images by Rob Clements.