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There are various possibilities to keep track of our latest updates and also syndicate them. The most conventional method is to subscribe to our newsletter, which is sent every time we post a new news feature. For the users of Facebook we have set up a special Ultimatecarpage.com Facebook page where the most exciting additions to the website are added. All Facebook users can become a fan of Ultimatecarpage.com.

RSS Feeds
We also have several RSS feeds available for you to subscribe to. The 'Newsfeed' includes all the general updates that are posted on the main page. For those of you who want to keep in track of all cars added and updated the 'Carsfeed' is the RSS feed to use. Forum users can subscribe to the 'Forumsfeed', which will feature all of the latest threads.

You can subscribe to the feeds using your favourite readers; direct links to the most popular readers can be found below. The RSS feeds can also be used to present Ultimatecarpage.com content on your website. This is a free service, provided you clearly state the feed is from Ultimatecarpage.com, do not alter the feed and the headlines are linked back to Ultimatecarpage.com directly.

For more information on RSS Feeds, we recommend this article on XML.com.

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