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The unique nature of the new BMW 6 Series is enhanced by appropriate refinements in the quality of materials on specific controls and instruments finished in new Chrome Pearl Grey Design as well as new colors for the interior trim and upholstery.

As an alternative to the standard aluminum trim, optional interior trim strips made of grained maple wood or dark birch wood give the interior either a technical and progressive feel or a sophisticated, stylish and elegant look.

Optional finish in Pearl exclusive leather, with additional leather on the armrests, the door grab handles and the center console, is now also available in Chateau Red and in a new upholstery color, Saddle Brown.

Featuring a combination of leather and Pearl Grey chrome, the iDrive Controller matches the look of the new rotary buttons, thus additionally enhancing the overall harmony of the car's design.

Precise control of the system is further facilitated by a ring around the Controller made of extra-hard rubber, and to ensure even more intuitive use, the iDrive control system in the new BMW 6 Series comes complete with six programmable memory keys allowing direct access to selected functions, such as a favorite phone number or navigation destination.
Unparalleled supremacy: the eight-cylinder in the BMW 6 Series.
Once again, the eight-cylinder power unit in the new BMW 6 Series marks the pinnacle in superior power and performance. The 4.8-liter engine develops maximum output of 360 hp at an engine speed of 6,300 rpm, with peak torque of 360 lb-ft at 3,400 rpm.

This cutting-edge aluminium power unit features throttle-free VALVETRONIC valve control, variable double-VANOS camshaft management on the intake and exhaust side, as well as an intake manifold switching to two different settings. Benefiting from these highlights in technology, the eight-cylinder offers superior smoothness and refinement, an immediate and direct response, and a truly powerful torque curve.

The new BMW 650i Coupe accelerates to 60 miles per hour in 5.3 seconds (with manual transmission) while the BMW 650i Convertible completes the same exercise in 5.6 seconds. Engine management, in turn, limits the top speed of both models to 250 km/h or 155 mph.

Fuel economy and emissions optimized on all models.
A wide range of fuel-saving features in and around the engine also serve to make all of the power unit in the new BMW 6 Series even more efficient. One example is the Varioserv steering assistance pump that ensures particularly efficient steering support and assistance according to the driver's current requirements.

Further new technologies serving to save fuel provide their superior effect without any intervention by the driver. The belt drive for the a/c compressor, for example, comes with its own clutch automatically disconnecting the compressor as soon as the driver switches off the air conditioning.

New automatic sports transmission and shift paddles on the steering wheel.
Engine power on the new BMW 650i is transmitted to the rear wheels in standard trim by a six-speed manual gearbox. Optionally available, at no charge, is BMW's newly developed six-speed Sports Automatic transmission, combining supreme comfort with extremely fast reaction and gearshift times in genuine Grand Touring style. Further advantages are the direct connection of the automatic transmission to the engine and, as a result, dynamic conversion of engine power into driving pleasure and performance.

The driver controls the Sport Automatic by means of an electronic gear selector lever, moving the lever briefly to the left from position D in order to activate the manual gearshift mode. This allows the driver to shift gears either via the gear selector lever or manually in sequential mode by means of paddles on the steering wheel. A further option is to shift gears manually directly from the paddles. Pressing the Sports button positioned behind the gear selector lever, the driver is able to enjoy an even faster and dynamic gearshift. A further benefit is that the Sports button also modifies the progressive action of the gas pedal and, in conjunction with the car's standard steering, the Servotronic control map, providing optimum conditions for dynamic acceleration.

All-aluminum suspension for enhanced agility, safety and comfort.
Both the BMW 6 Series Coupe and the Convertible are characterized by sporting and superior driving characteristics at all times and under all conditions. Featuring a high-performance power unit, rear-wheel drive, excellent axle load distribution, and an ultra-modern all-aluminum suspension, the BMW 6 Series offers a supreme driving experience under all conditions. The principle of lightweight construction on the chassis and suspension, in turn, guarantees supreme stability on low weight and minimizes the car's unsprung masses.

The high-performance floating-caliper brakes with inner-vented brake discs are controlled hydraulically on the BMW 6 Series, now acting even faster and more precisely than before in guaranteeing maximum stability and full brake power at all times.

Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go.
Active Cruise Control with its Stop & Go function offers the driver better support and greater assistance at the wheel than ever before. This innovative system now available as an option in the new BMW 6 Series - on models with automatic transmission - features automatic distance control, allowing the driver to comfortably cruise along the highway or on a country road as well as in stop-and-go traffic at very low speeds, while constantly maintaining an appropriate distance to the vehicle ahead.

As soon as the distance pre-set by the driver can no longer be maintained, the system adjusts the speed of the car by intervening in drive management and building up brake pressure, thus taking current traffic conditions into account. Then, as soon as the road ahead is free again, Active Cruise Control increases the speed of the car to the limit set by the driver. The system even reduces the speed of the car to a standstill whenever necessary based on current traffic conditions, bringing the car to a halt and holding it in that position.

The maximum deceleration generated by Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go is 0.5g. And should the driver be required to intervene because the vehicle ahead is applying the brakes extremely hard, he will be alerted to do so by appropriate visual and acoustic signals.

New: Lane Departure Warning with vibration signal on the steering wheel.
To support driver awareness, both the new BMW 6 Series Coupe and the new BMW 6 Series Convertible are available with a newly developed assistance system helping to prevent the driver from inadvertently departing from the correct lane on the road. Referred to as Lane Departure Warning, this sophisticated system identifies movement of the car from the correct lane and gives the driver a discreet but noticeable signal at the most important point in steering the car - on the steering wheel itself.

The Lane Departure Warning System is made up of a camera fitted near the interior mirror on the windscreen, a control unit for comparing data, and a signal transmitter generating a vibration signal on the steering wheel.
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