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Tech, speed between traffic lights, cost, the size of the rest of the collection, more tech, launch speed, lunch speed (0-passenger barfing), wing size, ability to drive upside down at X speed... there's all sorts of meaningless things to wave your willy about.

When bragging, make sure you talk up the categories that you know your vehicle will outperform your opponents, and make sure you can belittle or dismiss those where yours won't. It's important however not to dismiss your opponent outright, as you may end up with a glass in the face or having to prove it. It's very likely that you can't actually achieve the numbers provided so the skill is having your opponent peacefully conceed rather than being able to get out calling you chicken. For more information on how to brag successfully, you can sign up for our seminar. For only $999.99, you can learn all the bragging tips that those fat cats on wall street don't want you to know.
Life's too short to drive bad cars.
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