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I received the magazine today. Still going through it. 15 out of 26 cars listed ran the 1/4 mile in the 13s or faster.

The 454 Monte Carlo I mentioned before fortunately did not have super-high gearing, but the 3.36 ratio it did have is not exactly the best choice for running the fastest 1/4 mile times. It ran 14.96@94.20 mph. Weight was 3,800 lbs.

The good thing about the 3.36 ratio was that it helped the car give 8-14 mpg, quite a bit better than most of the other cars in the magazine!

Also tested was a Phase III 427450 hp Camaro. With 4.10 gears, it ran mid-12s and with 4.56s, the 1/4 mile came in at 11.98@117.80 mph. 0-60 mph was 4.5 seconds. Tires were J-series Inglewood.

Scans coming up soon.
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