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I was talking to a friend last night and he brought up and interesting point: all of the boomers who squirreled away a few shekels each paycheck (while their employers saved for their retirement...) to buy their dream Corvette have already done so or died. In the succeeding generations (X, Y, and Z), the Corvette is stigmatized as crude, uncouth, and, worst of all, a General Motors product. I feel like that is unfair to the Corvette and it will certainly never shed that last point, but I certainly can't see myself in one. However, this seems like a golden opportunity to reinvent the Corvette for new clientele and I wish them all the best.

To NSX's point: I think the fix-it-with-a-hammer philosophy will go with the Boomers; access will certainly prove a pain, but tinkerers from our generation have shown plenty of willingness to electronically do what their forebears did with carb jets and busted knuckles.

I, however, am a dinosaur and think that the C6 Z06 with seven liters, six speeds, and five hundred horses is the apogee.
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