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Engine: V12 60-valve, 460hp @ 6300rpm and 590Nm @ 3000rpm.
Transmission: 4WD, manual 5-step gearbox.
Dimensions: the same as for a prototype, i.e. 5070x1960x1405mm, wheelbase - 3100mm, clearance - 145mm, weight - 1830kg.
Dynamics: 275kmh, 0-100kmh at 5 seconds.
Av. fuel consumption - 20l/100km, 120-liter fuel tank.
Tyres - Michelin Pilot CX 255/55 ZR17

At the moment of testing (year 2000) two cars were already completed, three more were in process and some kits were ready for the future.
The interior was done with the help of Mulliner Park Ward.

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