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Thread: So the new Viper just wasn't good enough for you?

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    So the new Viper just wasn't good enough for you?

    SRT and Mopar Showcase Viper Possibilities at NAIAS
    Tuesday January 9, 12:01 am ET

    Custom Viper displays tweaks from Mopar Performance Parts – and 675 horsepower!

    Farmington Hills, Mich., January 9 /EXCLUSIVE from -- Much speculation has been made since the first details were released on the 2008 Dodge Viper scheduled to appear this week at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Of course today is the day you were supposed to be reading about it, however some magazine editions hit the newsstands – and websites – a little earlier. Viper buyers, already giddy over the addition of a whopping 90 horsepower (yes, 600 total ponies under that revised hood) still had one nagging worry in the back of their minds: What about this long-rumored “Blue Devil” from the “other” American super car camp?

    They needn’t have worried. In a surprise addition to this weeks show, DaimlerChrysler’s Mopar and SRT (Street & Racing Technology) Division have added a third Viper in concept form, joining the Venom Red SRT10 Roadster and Viper Red SRT10 Coupe with white racing stripes. Reminiscent of the SRT10 Carbon shown at SEMA in 2003, this latest Coupe variation showcases the many possibilities of this potent platform.

    “We at SRT, along with our counterparts at Mopar Performance, wanted to build something for NAIAS that would show what can be done with the new '08 Viper,” said Steve Sharples, Viper Brand Manager at SRT. “This includes many of the new Mopar Performance parts which will be available for the car when it starts shipping to showrooms later this year.”

    The Mopar Performance Parts featured are:

    - Tubular Exhaust Header Package
    - High-flowing, Cat-Back Exhaust System
    - Low-restriction, functional Cold Air Intake System
    - Fully adjustable Coilover Suspension Kit
    - "Sidewinder" Lightweight Wheels (with anodized finish)

    And don’t forget the “Racing” in SRT, as they added these race-inspired parts as well:

    - Titanium Valves and Connecting Rods
    - Cast Litex Pistons and Lightened Crankshaft
    - High Flow Intake Manifold with Polished Upper
    - Carbon Fiber Coil Covers and Crinkle Black Valve Covers
    - Adapted Dodge Viper Competition Coupe Rear Wing and Front Splitter
    - Michelin Racing Slicks, 18" in front and 19" in back
    - 6 point racing restraints
    - Viper "Driver's Stripe" paint scheme

    The results? Well besides one of the most stunning Vipers ever to greet the public, it also satisfies the Viper faithful. With a few Mopar Performance parts and some additional internal engine tweaks the car makes an incredible 675 horsepower, with the torque climbing even more – from the impressive stock 2008 number of 560 ft lbs to a mind-boggling 650 ft lbs. You would be hard-pressed to find another exotic from any continent making those kind of numbers.

    Will these modifications ever make it to a production car? SRT will not comment on future product. But if what is shown here can be done by visiting your local Mopar parts counter, we already like what we see.
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    Oh and here is the DCX Video of the 2008 Viper

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    Cars with one off center stripe really annoy me.....other than that it looks good though.

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    Holy Crap!
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    Ugh, hottness, I love it, the Viper is one of my favorite American sports cars of the modern era and this one just out does the rest.

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    it is undoubtedly better than standard but it goes against my theory that the engine should be objectively designed from the start! I dont expect them to come up with a brand new engine but as much as ti valves etc etc benefit the engine the pushrod 2vpc and budget design quircks setup limits it. It is still a powerful engine and produces good mep (ie torque) at low revs, but it is harsh at its limits. I wonder if they have improved the handling much..lack of traction control would necesitate a predictable nature however the stock viper was just not. I wouldnt compare chalenging to drive with snappy oversteer! It apparently has loads of grip (from those huge tyres) and then once it goes it goes. Its apparently the same with the S2000. What this car has in spades though is character and soul, if only it was cheaper in the UK (for £80k there is a lot better for the money, its no faster than a Z4 M on anything other than a straight line for example)
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    i'm not a devout viper fan, but goddamn
    i'll take three
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    I woulduv wanted a better interior but that thing is just PURE MUSCLE BABY!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm interested that crinkle black valve covers are an exclusive racing product.....

    Those anodised wheels look very painted to me...

    Other than that I'm actually close to liking it
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    Your tire melting machine is delivered sir...

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    I would love to have one.

    In a way, this is a bit like the Cobra coupe, fast and outrageous(the cobra) and an possible Euro-beater in GT or Le Mans. Maybe take down a vette or two at Le Mans.
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    is it just me or do those tires look sick!
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    Wow, that thing looks great. It would scare children, I want one
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    Dear Satan,

    Your car is ready.

    MOPAR and SRT
    [O o)O=\x/=O(o O]

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    Amazing. One-off Factory Showcars are always something special. Seriously, they need to make a limited production run of that Viper or just offer the parts so you can make it like that custom Mopar Viper.
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