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Thread: Kingston University & Lotus synergy

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    Kingston University & Lotus synergy

    Kingston University collaborates with Lotus Cars and Lotus Engineering in order to benefit both parties.

    Lotus benefits with access to academic knowledge, academic papers and fresh ideas.

    Kingston University uses the synergy in order to enhance its “Motorsport Vehicle Dynamics” course.

    The course itself is structured into eight taught subjects:

    data acquisition
    chassis characteristics, suspension systems and simulation
    motorsport powertrain design
    practical racecar preparation and set-up
    driver training
    advanced materials
    electronic control systems
    racecar aerodynamics.

    Here's the interesting part: the racecar engineering and driver training, are
    taught exclusively at Lotus (Hethel), the rest being delivered at Kingston. This course structure is currently unique in the UK (possibly Europe).

    An aspect of the course which is particularly attractive to the students is the practical training by Lotus personnel on static setup, suspension kinematics and compliance measurement, damper construction, measurement and testing, dynamic rig testing and active technologies. The cherry on the top is that the students are provided with driver training to ensure they are competent to perform the necessary on-limit manoeuvres required to evaluate
    the transient stability or dynamic response of the Kingston Exige.

    Students come to Lotus in blocks of five and spend 60 hours there carrying out the required activities and assessment. At the end of the taught subjects, the students then take on a substantial project that equates to 600 hours of work. These projects are industrially led and are written in such a way that the final outcome is beneficial to Lotus.

    Imagine making a good impression and being hired at Lotus! What more could someone want?

    Entry requirements for the course are a good first degree or relevant industrial experience.

    Minimising losses can maximise net gains

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    Sounds quite interesting and fun for my fellow-AE-students Seems like an excellent way to learn the practical skills.

    We will receive a complete garage (800 square meter) with the neccesary suspension kit next year. We can learn how to create the proper suspension there. Once opened we will also start work on a practical project, to design a complete vehicle, guided and funded by a major manufacturer. We do the technical side, other universities do the design side. This sounds like a very practical assignment too, from my teacher's mouths

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