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Thread: Engine Oil in Spark Plug

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade426 View Post
    so i have a 98 ford escort zx2 and I've been experience problems with it starting, it will start easily the first time each day but if I drive somewhere and shut it off and try to fire it back up it either struggles to start or wont fire up unless I let it sit for a little. I changed the spark plugs and noticed oil on cylinder 1 and 3 can this be what is causing my problem and if so what is causing this to happen thanks in advance for any help
    Do a compression test on all the cylinders. Then do a leak down test. If compression numbers are the same between the two tests, its either a head gasket or valvetrain issue. If the compression readings increase, its your piston rings. A head gasket or valve issue will require the head to come off to fix, a piston ring problem requires the whole engine to come apart. If you can rebuild a head yourself, you could do it at a decent price, but if you're inexperienced, which it sounds you are, take it to a good mechanic. If you need to rebuild the engine, you might as well get a lightly used engine.
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    Sometimes tightening the valve cover bolts will stop the leakage, but more often than not the valve cover gasket.

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    Engine Oil in Spark Plug

    So, I got a distributor, wires, and coil from Dan and I bought a new rotor.
    But still no spark.
    Is there anything besides the ignition module left that could be causing this?

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