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Thread: Technical regulations/standards to adhere to when building a kit car.

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    Technical regulations/standards to adhere to when building a kit car.

    Can anyone point me in the directions of any regulations that must be adhered to when designing and building a car for track use? I only need a passing comment on them, nothing to in depth, but I'm a little stuck on this. I'm sure there must be some kind of standards otherwise we'd all be bolting jet turbines on go karts and killing everyone within a mile radius!

    Anyone know of anything of the like?

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    As far as I know you need to pass the SVA or Single Vehicle Approval for road use. I'd say it is wise to stick to this when going to track. It basically is saying some basic safety rules.

    Department for Transport - The Single Vehicle Approval Scheme

    For detailed rules for racing, i'd say some FIA rules must be out there ???

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    The rules for getting a car on the road vary from country to country. I had a Westfield Magnum8 and a Westfield Super8 a few years ago. The Magnum was put on the road and had to be modified to Australian design rules, which led to the following mods to be completed:
    Chassis required strengthening,
    Collapsible steering column fitted,
    Side intrusion bars,
    Seat belts to ADR standards,
    Exhaust to ADR standards, and
    Fitting catalytic converters.

    I think that was it.

    I then got a qualified engineer to inspect and write me a certificate passing the car and then submitted it to the transport department.
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    If you take a car to a track that is road legal it must have a valid MOT certificate and hence must have passed an SVA test. If you take a car that is not road legal it will be regarded as a competition vehicle and must be capable of passing MSA scrutineering.

    Simple enough.
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    The biggest constraint is budget. Make sure you have to cash to pay for everything and then add 50% to that. You might just then be able to afford it. As far as standards go, consult your local motor racing authorities on what they require with regard to roll cages and the like. The actual construction standard is up to you, as long as your engineer is happy with your efforts that is. I've just about completed a scratch built car myself and it's not a project for the faint hearted. In fact if you can afford to buy something off the shelf then do so.

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